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The Calm Before The Storm

“I come home in the evening, after working hard all day
I open up the mailbox, to see what I must pay.

I have a cup of coffee, a cigarette I light
There is a moment’s pleasure, before there is a fight.

The kids are in a frenzy, I can’t take it anymore
Your supper is in the oven, I am walking out the door.

I said no need to worry, there’s no reason you should pout
I didn’t want to hear it, just put my dinner out.
@ Anonymous

Well her voice got very quiet, and then she just got sore
The oven door came open; my food went on the floor.

The dishes weren’t broken, as they flew across the room
The dog ran to the basement, he sensed there would be doom.

My clothes came down the staircase, a little after nine
She was cleaning out the bedroom, with everything of mine.

The kids were watching TV, the volume was on high
They didn’t want to hear the screams, in case I had to die.

A chair went through the window, the neighbors went inside
Some went in to pray for me, the others went to hide.

The cops came round the corner; they knew just where to go
They pulled up on the driveway, and approached her very slow.

She stood there in the doorway, and asked where they had been
I was in the closet; I prayed they’d take her in.

After many years of marriage, and a will that was so strong
I learned there are times I’m not right, and then sometimes I’m wrong.

There’s a message in this story, which should be very clear
Listen very carefully, and you will have no fear.

A Woman, who’s not angry, may love you every night
Just keep in mind these simple words, she is always right.”

@ Anonymous

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