Is PMS Destroying Your Life?

If PMS ever needed a PR publicist I would be it! Since my early teens I have been dealing with this unwarranted condition. Back then of course I had no idea that PMS was NOT normal and just accepted it for what it was. But today I know better… Up to 85%- 90% of all women experience some premenstrual symptoms in their lifetime. So what is this thing we call PMS? PMS is short for pre-menstrual syndrome. It can include a list of a number of symptoms occurring 7-14 days prior to your … [Read more...]

The Calm before the Storm – PMS

The Calm Before The Storm "I come home in the evening, after working hard all day I open up the mailbox, to see what I must pay. I have a cup of coffee, a cigarette I light There is a moment's pleasure, before there is a fight. The kids are in a frenzy, I can't take it anymore Your supper is in the oven, I am walking out the door. I said no need to worry, there's no reason you should pout I didn't want to hear it, just put my dinner out.@ Anonymous Well her voice got … [Read more...]

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