Reasons Why Independent Women Can Still “Need” Men

The idea of not needing a man may be an empowering message in the context of financial autonomy. However, now, the idea is nothing but an isolated directive that ignores a fundamental human need – which is love. On the internet, it's easy to find posts that advise women to try and maintain their independence. If you ask me, this is an annoying and disappointing form of feminism. When it comes to research and studies, the majority of women aged 18-70 seek male partners with qualities … [Read more...]

Top 3 Wedding Planning Details You Need to Prioritize

Your wedding is probably the biggest party you'll ever throw, but as exciting as it is, planning the perfect wedding can be very overwhelming. Luckily, we’re here to tell you that all it takes is just a bit of organization to keep everything on track when you’re faced with endless decisions, options, and deadlines. The trick is taking things one step at a time, recruiting professionals or friends and family members to help, and plan according to the time you have. Now, where do you begin? … [Read more...]

Unique Travel Experiences for Your Next Trip

Traditional travel usually includes a plane ticket, hotel reservations and managing bus schedules, but it doesn't always include a taste of local culture or enough relaxation. Take your trip to the next level with unique travel experiences like embarking on a cruise, finding accommodations in a local neighborhood, or traveling long distances via a sleeper train. Embark on a Cruise While traveling, there's a fine line between finding time to relax and making the most of your time there. … [Read more...]

Find Out How and Why Women Age Differently from Men

Men and women age differently, but you wouldn’t know it reading much of the senior health advice out there today. Factors such as lifestyle, nutrition, and genetics play an important role in how you age, but the ways male and female bodies age differently are important for every woman to know as well. Life Expectancy The best-known aging difference between men and women is that women tend to have a longer life expectancy (at least in the West). The explanation isn’t completely biological. … [Read more...]

5 Useful Online Dating Tips for Women

Finding a good dating site doesn't guarantee a successful dating on the Internet. Young girls and mature women often get upset by not meeting a big number of potential partners. Some people get really lucky when dating online while others spend months not getting any results. We decided to study this problem in details and asked men at a popular dating site for singles why they think some women don't get many dates. Continue reading the article and find some really useful tips from experienced … [Read more...]

Key Factors to a Long-lasting Relationship

Do you feel like there’s a little something missing from your relationship, but you can’t put your finger on what? Perhaps it’s the fact that you and your partner have failed to take setting relationship goals seriously. Relationship goals isn’t just one of Instagram’s most popular couple hashtags, it’s a key factor of any long-lasting relationship. Keen to ensure that the relationship you have with your boyfriend or husband lasts for the long haul, there are some key factors that you need to … [Read more...]

5 Best Advice for Women Dating Widowers

5 Best Advice for Women Dating Widowers The circumstances when you find a potential partner can be completely different. You can meet your soulmate on the street, in a shop, in a cinema, on the Internet, on a dating site (, by accident or intentionally. And in the same way, you can meet completely different people, with different views and backgrounds. Here we will talk about how to build relationship with a widower. According to psychologists, to build a relationship with a … [Read more...]

How Online Dating is Becoming More Woman-Friendly

Online dating has been simultaneously the best option and bane of love lives for women all over the world. While these dates are a lot more convenient, the fact remains that women have been on the receiving end of a lot of problems. However, online dating is becoming more woman-friendly in the present day. Here are some of the ways that ladies can expect to enjoy online dating to a greater extent. Ladies Make the First Move The first way that online dating is becoming more woman-friendly … [Read more...]

Dating Tips Women Should Follow to Stop Settling for Less

“You’re too picky; you’re never going to meet anyone with that attitude”. Do those words sound familiar? If you’re like most women, then you’ve heard the entire spiel. You’re supposed to settle instead of finding the perfect man for you. Forget about all of that. Instead, check out some of these dating tips so you can find the right partner for you. Use Your Network of Friends The first thing that you need to focus on when you’re trying to change the way you find a perfect partner is to … [Read more...]

Safe Ways to Enhance Your Sex Drive. Here’s How

There are times when a man or woman struggle with low libido. The first thing you need to know is that it’s a completely natural and fixable thing. Many couples over the years have claimed that their sex life isn’t what it was and that is due to a myriad of reasons. Your sexual health can be affected if your mental, emotional, or physical health isn’t top-notch. However, there are many ways a couple can enhance their sex drive naturally. We’ve gathered some methods you and your partner can … [Read more...]

Keeping Your Lesbian Relationship Healthy

A good relationship isn’t easy. They take a lot of time and dedication to work, however, in almost all cases, this extra attention can make the relationship even stronger than it was originally. Sometimes, it can be hard to know what a relationship needs. To help you out, here are five tips on ways to keep your lesbian relationship happy as well as healthy. Prioritize Alone Time There are many things that take up time in our lives, such as work, social activities, children and more. Even … [Read more...]

Follow These 5 Tips & Stand Up for Yourself in Any Situation

Do you find yourself going with the flow all too often because you want to avoid conflict? Would you like to be more confident in making your views or desires known? When you let people walk over you too often, it can lead to feelings of stress and anxiety. It can also lead to harmful feelings of insecurity and lacking in self-worth. Standing up for yourself if not something that comes naturally to everyone. Indeed, some people struggle with it throughout their lives. It is, however, a skill you … [Read more...]

3 Key Ways to Use Technology to See If Your Spouse Is Cheating

So, you suspect your spouse is cheating on you but you can’t really pin it down. Is it a gut feeling you have and little indicators that something is amiss in your relationship, or do you have physical signs that all is not well in paradise? Perhaps your spouse isn’t as amorous as they once were, or you find little things in their pockets that have no reason to be there. It could be a matchbook from a local club or hotel and it could be a receipt for dinner at a candlelit restaurant you’ve … [Read more...]


After getting engaged, it can feel like you are walking on cloud nine. However, the pleasure only lasts for a short time because soon you will be shoulder deep in the stress of planning a wedding. There are a few things that you can do to take away some of the hassle so you can enjoy being a bride to be. It is suggested that you consider a subscription box for new brides. Not a lot of brides know what to do after getting engaged. First, you should bask in the happiness that you feel being a new … [Read more...]

Sexy Love Quotes for Him This Year

It is with no doubt that love is the most beautiful feeling on earth. And it even becomes more attractive if you have the right person who cares about your feelings. It is an attraction that even the greatest scientists are unable to explain. So how do you rejuvenate it from time to time? It is through sharing what you feel to him through love quotes for him. If you are lucky to have been loved by a great man, then we have collected the most alluring love quotes for him you can share. Our … [Read more...]

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