Top 3 Wedding Planning Details You Need to Prioritize

Your wedding is probably the biggest party you’ll ever throw, but as exciting as it is, planning the perfect wedding can be very overwhelming. Luckily, we’re here to tell you that all it takes is just a bit of organization to keep everything on track when you’re faced with endless decisions, options, and deadlines.

The trick is taking things one step at a time, recruiting professionals or friends and family members to help, and plan according to the time you have. Now, where do you begin? Here are the three details you need to start with.

1. Set a Budget

When it comes to figuring out how to plan a wedding, deciding how much you can spend needs to be the very first thing you finalize. It might not be the most fun part of the process and can possibly involve some uncomfortable conversations, but it’s a task that everything else depends on.

The last thing you want is to fall in love with a venue or a dress that you can’t afford so be prepared to prioritize your wedding ideas. Sit down with your parents or whoever is contributing to your wedding and come up with a comprehensive budget, then divide it up by service accordingly.

It’s advised to add some cushion money in the budget for any unexpected costs or urges that may arise.

2. Choose a Venue

Now that you have a budget, an estimated guest count, a possible wedding date, and a few potential wedding ideas in mind, you have everything you need to book a wedding venue. Many couples in Florida, for example, would prefer to consult their wedding planners in order to find the right venue, because they probably have more options and know which locations would cater to a wedding needs the best. Wedding planners in Fort Lauderdale Wedding Venue recommend visiting the place in person with your partner to find your dream wedding location. Make sure to look for reviews of wedding venues before choosing one.

Signing a venue contract and putting down a deposit is binding, so make sure it’s absolutely the perfect one for the celebration you dream of.

3. Select a Theme

After your budget is set, comes the fun part. Whether or not you already have an idea about what you want for your wedding, there are so many inspirations out there to help you out.

Think about how you want your wedding to look and feel, find one or two sources of inspiration you like best, whether it’s bridal magazines, blogs, or any other medium and start researching.

After you get a good sense of the style you like, translate that into something you can show your vendors. You can create a vision board that includes your color schemes, décor ideas, and more.

We recommend starting this process early on and kicking it into high gear once you’ve chosen your venue and set a date.

To ensure that your big day is exactly what you imagine it to be and ensure that everything runs smoothly, set a detailed, comprehensive plan comprising of a checklist that includes a detailed timeline and specific delegated tasks to help keep everything and everyone on track. This will greatly help you create your perfect dream wedding and guarantee a fun joyous day for everyone involved.

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