Reasons Why Independent Women Can Still “Need” Men

The idea of not needing a man may be an empowering message in the context of financial autonomy. However, now, the idea is nothing but an isolated directive that ignores a fundamental human need – which is love.

On the internet, it’s easy to find posts that advise women to try and maintain their independence. If you ask me, this is an annoying and disappointing form of feminism.

When it comes to research and studies, the majority of women aged 18-70 seek male partners with qualities similar to those of a friend. This makes a lot of sense, since all relationships are built on down-to-earth values.

Heterosexual Women

Nowadays, women have independently built up companies and businesses on their own, making them equally capable of achieving what men have been able to. Even so, this shouldn’t exempt heterosexual women from seeking love. The digital world offers a range of potential partners through sites like, making it even easier to find the perfect partner.The conservative view of making it okay to fill a void when you’re unemployed, but not when you lack a man to love, is pathologizing romantic love for heterosexual women.

Below are a few reasons why I think it’s okay for successful women to need men:


Whether it’s emotional support or physical support, these are the primary roles of your partner. If your partner is supportive, they will take the time to listen and actively be involved in helping you make significant decisions, as long as their presence is supportive and positive.


Whether we accept it or not, the fact is that at one point in life, every one of our friends will go their separate ways to start a family. A friendship between you and your male partner is fundamental, especially if you’re looking for a fun and adventurous relationship. Having a partner who’s also a friend means that they will treat you in the same accepting manner as their close friends.


Based on gender identity, the cultural backgrounds of adults vary. Finding a partner who plays a role in tearing apart gender roles at home will be beneficial to both of you. Both genders should be offered equal rewards for equal investments. This brings about equality and doesn’t allow discrimination.

Love & Sex

Loving someone doesn’t mean that you make yourself vulnerable. With the right partner, you will not feel weak or discriminated against in any way. Once you are both aware of your love, it’s easy to build trust and comfort in a relationship. Pleasing each other sexually should be romantic rather than cold, like a business venture. You should never feel like you’re sexually in debt to your partner.

Keep in mind that relationships are kept dynamic by intellectual stimulation.

Women want the same things as men, the difference is they want them in a different order. Their male counterparts need to take the time and accept the strength of women and respect them for what they bring to a relationship.

Women need men who wish to see them succeed. Companionship is what everyone needs.

Thanks to E. Clark

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