5 Best Advice for Women Dating Widowers

5 Best Advice for Women Dating Widowers


The circumstances when you find a potential partner can be completely different. You can meet your soulmate on the street, in a shop, in a cinema, on the Internet, on a dating site (dating.com), by accident or intentionally. And in the same way, you can meet completely different people, with different views and backgrounds. Here we will talk about how to build relationship with a widower.

According to psychologists, to build a relationship with a man who lost his beloved woman, should be no earlier than one year after the death of his wife. In the first months, this person will use all his resources to cope with the tragedy and maybe try to build something new, but this is a very irrational and bad approach. There is no exact time frame for grief; every person experiences tragedy in his way, but it is necessary to wait a while. And, when the grief is over, it is possible to truly create some new and beautiful relation. Here are some tips on how to behave with a widower.

1. Make friends with his past

The thoughts of your chosen one will return to the past. He will never say bad things about his first wife. Sometimes a man will unwittingly compare you with her. You have to suppress your irritation because you can’t get rid of the person with whom you have lived for many years. Establish a relationship base on trust, let the husband tell you what’s in his heart, discuss existing problems with you, do not let him face difficulties alone. A new wife should not treat her husband with pity.

2. The role of the second wife

The relationship with the widower is based on the adoption of the situation and understanding. Do not see yourself as a replacement. A man understands that nothing lasts forever in this world, therefore he values and respects a woman who is nearby. People who have experienced the loss of a loved one, usually rethink their lives. They conclude and try not to repeat the same mistakes in the relationship. A woman who married a widower should respect the first wife. After all, she helped him become what he is now.

3. Personal things in the house

A woman who appeared in the widower’s house will surely want to bring her zest into the interior of the room. Photos within the framework and things purchased by the first wife can be a problem. Requiring men to get rid of things would be wrong and selfish. You need to talk heart to heart, talk about doubts and feelings, To compromise, to leave something, as a memory, and to remove something, out of sight.

4. Close and distant relatives

Sooner or later you will have to meet with all his relatives. It is possible that among them you will see relatives of his first wife. They may be wary of you and even behave hostile, remember, these people suffer from irreparable loss, so you shouldn’t worry too much about the slanting look or the casual word dropped.

5. Daily life

You should be patient and do not respond with rudeness to rudeness. Show the respect you have towards his first wife all the time you can, he will appreciate it. The time will come and he will see you into as his only family. Spouses should do everything together, create pleasant memories. Travel to new places, follow the old traditions but do not forget to invent new ones. If possible, buy a new home and select it together. Arrange the house as you want.

It is impossible to change the past, but you can become happy in the present. Support your husband, but do not completely dissolve in his problems. He must understand that you are with him, that you are a patient and loving woman who respects him and herself. And you will be totally happy.

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