Before Introducing a Second Dog into the Family

6 Considerations:

A dog can bring much love and joy into the home, so it makes perfect sense that you might want to welcome another canine. However, you might be unsure if it is the right move for your family and your other pet.

If you want to make an informed choice, here are six considerations to make before introducing a second dog into the family.

1. Your Current Pet’s Behavior

Before you welcome another dog into your home, you must consider your current pet’s behavior. If they are struggling with behavioral issues, such as house accidents, aggression, or excessive barking, it might not be a wise idea to introduce another pooch into your family just yet.

After all, a puppy might be negatively affected by their behavior or could attempt to mirror your pet’s actions. Instead, you should find out more about puppy and dog training programs at, which could help you to take control of a canine’s behavior.

2. Giving a Dog a New Home

A new pet cannot only add extra love and excitement into your home, but it will also allow you to provide a dog a new home. If you want to ensure a pooch has a great quality of life, you should browse shelters for a rescue dog, who could benefit from the love and attention from the whole clan, as well as your current canine.

3. A Friend for Your Dog

If you regularly need to leave your pet at home to go to work, he or she could benefit from the companionship of another dog. A new pooch could help to keep your canine company during the day, which could prevent boredom, loneliness, and separation anxiety. While they might initially feel threatened or jealous of a new dog, it is likely they will soon become the best of friends.

4. Financial Circumstances

Before you get your kids’ hopes up about welcoming another dog into the family dynamic, you should understand the cost of owning another pet.

A second dog will double your outgoings, as you’ll need to pay twice the price for:

· Dog food
· Vet bills
· Dog supplies
· Grooming services
· Pet sitters

It is essential to review your finances to identify if you can comfortably afford to introduce another canine into the home.

5. Your Pet’s Health

Another pet could help your current dog to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Two dogs can often equal more chasing, wrestling, and rolling, which will ensure they both benefit from plenty of exercise throughout the years. Plus, another dog can improve your pet’s emotional health, as they can enjoy a better social life.

6. Your Family’s Wishes

While you might want nothing more than to give a rescue dog a much-needed home, your other half might not be willing to make the big commitment. It is imperative everyone is on the same page before you visit a shelter to pick up a puppy or an adult dog, as it could lead to resentment and a less than harmonious environment for the whole clan.

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