Find Out How and Why Women Age Differently from Men

Men and women age differently, but you wouldn’t know it reading much of the senior health advice out there today. Factors such as lifestyle, nutrition, and genetics play an important role in how you age, but the ways male and female bodies age differently are important for every woman to know as well.

Life Expectancy

The best-known aging difference between men and women is that women tend to have a longer life expectancy (at least in the West). The explanation isn’t completely biological. While women can expect to live on average 7 years longer than men in the U.S., in India, the difference is marginal, at 0.1 years. However, scientists do believe that here is a biological advantage that is repressed by living conditions in poorer countries.

Aging Skin

Women may have longer life expectancies, but they visible age faster, and skin is a major contributing factor. Men’s skin is 25 percent thicker thanks to their testosterone levels, while, they also have denser levels of collagen. In addition, the skin on women tends to age faster for 5 years after menopause, while men experience a more gradual, consistent loss of collagen.

How the Brain Ages

Sometimes the same medical issue can occur in men and women due to different causes. Cognitive impairment in men is more likely to be caused by poor physical health, such as obesity, diabetes, or having suffered from a stroke.

By comparison, women are more likely to experience cognitive decline based on their support network. Those who lack a strong social network, or who have been dependent on others for daily tasks, are more likely to develop cognitive impairment in their later years. It’s a strong case for choosing independent senior living, where you can maintain your independence and enjoy access to a social network among your neighbors.

In cities like Edmonton, seniors can find senior housing that facilitates both independent lifestyles and strong communities. Many also feature exercises classes, art lessons, and other leisure activities to encourage residents to get out, get active, and make new friends. If you’re worried about your social network as you age, consider independent senior living in Edmonton for your later retirement years.

Hair Loss

Hair loss is largely a male affliction, with baldness being much rarer in women than men. However, women should expect to experience hair thinning as they get older.

How Centenarians Differ

There are some major differences between men and women once they reach the age of 100. First of all, women are much more likely to reach that age. Women (43 percent) are much more likely to have survived an age-related illness before they were 80, while 32 percent of men (compared to only 15 percent of women) have not experienced any major age-related illnesses before reaching 100.

In all cases (except perhaps hair loss – that has more to do with genetics than anything), leading a healthier lifestyle can make a big difference in how you age, as well as your attitude toward aging. In many ways, the signs of aging are the result of how your body has responded to stress. Exercise, a healthy diet, and a positive outlook on life can manage those responses.

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