Unique Ways To Celebrate A Wedding Anniversary

When you’ve been married for a long time, wedding anniversaries are the best chance you can get to try and spice things up a bit and remind yourself as well as your partner why you love each other.

So, if you’ve got your anniversary coming up, here are a few unique ideas to help you celebrate:

Be open to Exploration

Let’s face it, after being married for years, your sexual life can start getting a bit too dry. In order to spice things up, it’s time to be open to making some changes and trying out new things, as well as experimenting with different techniques and devices.
You’d be surprised how satisfying a vibrator can be for both parties, especially when they come with a remote control and give you or your partner full control of what happens. The best remote control vibrators allow you to have access to your partner’s body and please them beyond belief without even being in the same room. This gives you a chance to start your celebrations early even before you get home as you can use an app, wifi, or bluetooth to control the vibrations and make sure your partner is having a good time.

Imagine the pleasure both parties would get from not only exploring new ways, but also for being so intimate and having full control of your partner’s needs without even the slightest touch. Sounds like your wedding anniversary is the right time to start experimenting in the bedroom and bringing out the sex toys. Even if you happen to be in different continents at the time, there will be no excuse not to celebrate and get down to business.

Revisit your Honeymoon Destination

Going down memory lane can help bring back the passion, love and memories of when you first got married. Travelling is always a great option, but revisiting your honeymoon destination is a romantic gesture that you’ll both enjoy immensely. You’ll start remembering the finest details of your honeymoon, visiting the same restaurants, sights and even going on the same adventures will make you feel like you got married all over again. So book those flights and pack your bags and let the memories along with the passion unfold.

Do Something Out-of-the-Ordinary

Celebrating your wedding anniversary by doing something completely crazy, unique and that you’d probably never do again, will be an anniversary to remember. It will also allow you to make new memories, share new experiences and have the time of your lives. For instance, you can go skydiving together. There’s no better time when you’ll find logic into jumping off a plane. Let’s face it, is there any other person in the world you’d rather jump off a plane with? So, it’s time to get your adrenaline running and be prepared to have the time of your life.

Do Something Meaningful Together

One of the best ways of feeling happiness is by making other people happy. That doesn’t just have to be your partner, but can even be a total stranger. If you make a habit of celebrating together by giving back, paying forward or doing something that will really make a difference in someone else’s life each year, you’ll not only spread joy to other human beings, but will also increase the bond between you both as you will get to see the kind, loving and human side of your partner. Doing good is a way to spread ultimate happiness into the world and in turn fills up your heart with warmth. When doing good deeds with your loved one, your love will magnify as well.

Start a New Tradition

It is difficult to keep your relationship exciting on a constant basis, but every year on your wedding anniversary you can give that a shot by starting a tradition. Whether it’s having a movie night every Monday evening, playing strip poker once a month, or even exercising together on a regular basis, starting a new tradition will allow you both to not only spend more time with each other, but do activities together so you don’t get bored. That way, there will always be something to look forward to, as well as an activity that you can lose yourself in and start sharing new experiences and building new memories.

A wedding anniversary is the perfect excuse to rekindle your love for each other and find new ways to celebrate. While you might feel you’re running out of ideas for celebrating your anniversary, going out of your comfort-zone or what you’re used to will always bring you not only new experiences, but a whole lot of memories and emotions, too. So forget about traditional anniversary celebrations and do something unique and memorable for a change.

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