5 Reasons Why People Seek For Sexual Pleasure

Humans are naturally complex, so it will be strange identifying why someone does what they do. But we can try. Sex might seem like a taboo topic to discuss if you’re a little prudish, but there’s no denying that sexual pleasure is continually sought out by many, and for good reasons.

To this day, many scientists, psychologists, and sexologists aim at studying the human psyche and physiological responses they have towards sex. Men and women seek sex for many different reasons. Body-centered sex refers to when someone wants sex because they genuinely enjoy it and how good they feel when they’re done. Person-centered sex is when you want to connect with your partner and show intimacy. Generally speaking, the stereotype of sex is that males often have it for the pleasure and women have it to connect. However, sexual attitudes and behaviors have changed in today’s society, and the reasons have drastically changed.

Sex Made Easy

Recently, sex is everywhere you go; it’s mentioned in the songs on the radio, it’s displayed openly through movies and TV shows, and there are many ways to hook up with someone online or even view porn. However, there are many other reasons why couples can get into a sexy and erotic mood. Whether it’s to try something new or even to procreate, these are the top 5 reasons why people seek sexual pleasure.

1. The Physical Benefits

Needless to say, the pleasurable feeling sex provides is hard-wired into our bodies and brains. The brain interprets your sexual sensations as pleasurable; nerves in your sexual organs send out signals to the brain, and then it creates these sensations for you.
Sex is a deeply satisfying activity that brings about a myriad of benefits to our bodies like boosting our immune system as well as raise our libido and increases your sex drive. The more sex you have, the more you seek it or respond to your desires. It also lessens pain, relieves headaches, and improves your sleep, which many restless people quite enjoy. It’s also a great workout!

2. Mood Booster

Sex is an excellent tension reliever, and it’s the ultimate relaxation method. Many seek sex to feel good about themselves as it’s also a great way to diminish your insecurities.

When you have sex, your brain releases a myriad of hormones that create this feeling of satisfaction. Oxytocin and serotonin support you feeling of happiness, contentment, and satisfaction, while dopamine brings about a feeling of motivation and reward. These secreted hormones are an intense mood booster, an excellent stress-reliever, and it keeps any depression or sadness at bay.

3. Emotions and Attraction

When we’re physically attracted to someone, our body responds by increasing your desire to have sex. Many people also seek sex to express their emotions, gratitude, intimacy, and love for someone. It’s a way to communicate all their emotions and maintain the strong sexual bond in their relationship as well as show affection for their partners.

4. Curiosity

Sexual curiosity is one thing many couples like to experience. There are so many sexual experiences that are yet to be discovered and all of them offer different pleasurable sensations. For example, sex toys are a way to bring some spice and adventure in any relationship. There are also a ton of positions and sexual fantasies that many couples like to explore to bring a little adventure and pleasure to their sexual lifestyle.

Same-sex curiosity is also high among many people. It’s a new experience when you’re with the same gender and a whole other world to explore.

5. Attaining a Goal

One of the basic reasons why many people have sex is to procreate and get kids of their own. The added bonus is the pleasure they experience when having sex so it doesn’t feel like a duty or chore.

Other reasons to attain a goal through sex is, believe it or not, to achieve power in a relationship and to gain dominance or, on the other side of the spectrum, to feel controlled by their partner and enjoy their dominant nature. Many also have sex out of revenge or jealousy. Meanwhile, many others seek sex to gain more experience and to enhance their sexual abilities. The more you practice and discover how the body responds to sex, the more you become better at it.

Whatever your motivation is to have sex, you cannot deny that sex is a pleasurable and addictive activity. It’s nothing to be shameful about; when you work with your partner on enhancing your sex life and communicating your desires, fantasies, and relationship needs, you’ll be able to reduce the stigma regarding sex.

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