Unique Travel Experiences for Your Next Trip

Traditional travel usually includes a plane ticket, hotel reservations and managing bus schedules, but it doesn’t always include a taste of local culture or enough relaxation.

Take your trip to the next level with unique travel experiences like embarking on a cruise, finding accommodations in a local neighborhood, or traveling long distances via a sleeper train.

Embark on a Cruise

While traveling, there’s a fine line between finding time to relax and making the most of your time there. The latter often results in jam-packed days, organizing train or bus schedules and lugging your belongings from one destination to the next. This gets particularly tricky when you’re visiting remote locations with less infrastructure, complicating travel between sites.

However, embarking on a cruise relieves the stress associated with travel between multiple destinations, especially while navigating through remote or foreign lands. With far off-sites and picturesque yet rugged landscapes, Alaska is the perfect cruise destination. Embarking on one of any number of cruises to Alaska means only unpacking your bags once and traveling between popular destinations overnight without having to figure out complicated ferry or flight schedules.

Cozy Up in a Cabin Near a National Park

Not everyone considers camping a vacation. If you fall into that camp, elevate your U.S. National Park visit by renting a rustic cabin, romantic country cottage, or luxurious oasis near a national park of your choice. Large accommodations in the woods or in the desert are perfect for large groups, especially when kids are involved.

Whether you’re visiting Yellowstone National Park, Acadia National Park or Smoky Mountain National Park, your next trip into nature is bound to be a relaxing and comfortable one.

Stay Among the Locals

Oftentimes, traveling to a big city involves staying in a hotel, surrounded by more hotels and tourists. This type of travel tends to be ungenuine and doesn’t always allow you to fully immerse yourself into the local culture. If you’re looking for a unique experience living with the locals, consider a vacation rental in a more authentic neighborhood.

Imagine waking up every morning, heading downstairs to the local bakery and coffee shop for breakfast, picking up some groceries for a quick lunch, or drinking with neighbors at the local pub. A vacation rental provides travelers with an excellent — and usually more affordable — alternative to the traditional hotel experience.

Sightsee on a Sleeper Train

In theory, sightseeing on a road trip always sounds fun — that is, until you’re dealing with traffic, car problems and antsy passengers. Traveling on a sleeper train is a great alternative to a road trip that provides for a unique and comfortable sightseeing experience with miles and miles of natural scenery.

An overnight rail journey includes delicious food, pleasant accommodations and opportunities to socialize with other travelers or staff onboard. Popular sleeper train journeys in the U.S. include the Northern Rail Experience along the Lewis and Clark Trail and a journey through the Canadian Rockies and Glacier National Park.

Abroad, travel from London to Fort William, Scotland, on the Caledonian Sleeper or from Madrid to Lisbon on the Trenhotel Lusitania.

Create Memories of a Lifetime

Whether you’re traveling solo and want to socialize on a sleeper train or with a group who wants to relax in a cabin in the woods, there is a unique experience for every group size and budget. All you need is a little creativity and a big step out of the conventional travel box to afford you an extraordinary trip opportunity.

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