5 Useful Online Dating Tips for Women

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Finding a good dating site doesn’t guarantee a successful dating on the Internet. Young girls and mature women often get upset by not meeting a big number of potential partners. Some people get really lucky when dating online while others spend months not getting any results. We decided to study this problem in details and asked men at a popular dating site for singles why they think some women don’t get many dates. Continue reading the article and find some really useful tips from experienced male daters.

Top 5 Tips for Women from men to Find Partners Online

1. Don’t judge too quick

Women often judge men by photos or by first few texts. It can be really difficult to make the right impression and tell about yourself in a few messages. A lot of guys say that it seems like women have very tough requirements, therefore, they don’t give men time and chance. You can’t be judgmental since a person in online conversation and in real life can be totally different. It’s not that easy to present yourself and chat online expressing your thoughts. So if you want to finally find a boyfriend and have a relationship, you should give men more chances and go out on dates. Meeting in real life will help you to get the right impression of a person.

2. Post a lot of photos

Did you see those poor profiles with just one photo? If you want to date online, then you have to show off, otherwise, your profile will be skipped. Add as many photos as you can with a clear picture of your face and body so men can have an idea of how you look and get

attracted. By hiding on a dating website, you won’t get any luck. You need to make your profile visual, so no man can scroll it down.

3. Have a sense of humor

Web dating is full of surprises. You never know who will send you a text. You will certainly go on a bad date at least one time. Remember not to take singles and what they say so seriously, otherwise, you will get disappointed. A joke is a good way to make a conversation online go smoother and remember that a phrase that is written may sound differently when said. Men prefer ladies with a good sense of humor so let it be your tool to make men feel easy with you and make them want to spend time with you.

4. Don’t scare men with your serious intentions

If you want to get acquainted with a big number of men on the Internet, then leave serious talks about marriage and kids for later. You are likely to scare guys and push them away if you list your requirements and tell them that you are searching for a loyal, honest and devoted husband. Also, try to keep such personal details as religion quiet in the beginning. If marriage is above romance and fun for you, then you should better consider joining a Catholic singles website and meeting people with similar ethical values. A woman who demands and expects a man to be a certain way is a total turn off especially if you have never seen each other in real life.

5. Don’t lie on your profile

You can create any profile on a dating service but if you want to find a lifetime partner and have more than one date with the same person, then you should be honest. Provide true information about your age, body type, weight, height, smoking and drinking habits, so you don’t have to lie and pretend to be someone else on a date. Would you like to see a short fat guy who smokes and gets drunk instead of a tall fit and intelligent guy who you have met on a dating site? Be yourself and let people fall in love with you for who you are.


Have you spotted some of the things that you do while online dating? These were men’s opinions and recommendations for women who want to succeed at dating on the Internet. Have a great dating adventure with new skills and get invited on date more often from now on!

Thanks to Alex Moren

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