Gender Equality: Celebrating a Slow Progress

The report’s Gender Gap Index ranks countries according to their gender gaps, and their scores can be interpreted as the percentage of the inequality between women and men that has been closed. Information about gender imbalances to the advantage of women is explicitly prevented from affecting the score. The Global Gender Gap Report, introduced by the World Economic Forum in 2006, provides a framework for capturing the magnitude and scope of gender-based disparities around the world. The … [Read more...]


Corruption is a serious and global problem. It creates instability, fuels poverty and hampers development, and it must be tackled. However, significant progress has been made in recent years and there’s much to praise God for this International Anti-Corruption Day. For example three years ago, agencies including Tearfund, Christian Aid and Cafod formed a working group to focus on global corruption. They set a number of ambitious targets. Today, the group has seen the majority of its targets … [Read more...]

The Global Gender Gap Report 2013

Global Gender Gap Report 2013, published  by the Geneva-based World Economic Forum. The World Economic Forum, the nonprofit organization known for its annual economic summit in Davos Switzerland has been publishing an annual global gender report since 2006 that ranks countries by their gender performance. Nordic countries continued to lead the way because they had a long history of investing in people, according to Saadia Zahidi, … [Read more...]

Women Empowerment Workshop – Nadi, Fiji, from 13 to 15 June 2013

'Give Greater Recognition to Women’s Role in Promoting a Culture of Peace in the Pacific: UN' [Nadi, Fiji – June 13] Women in the Pacific have shown over and over again that it is they who foster peace in a myriad of recognized and unrecognized ways. Women’s roles in bringing lasting peace and recognition in strife-torn societies need to be given a greater recognition. These comments were made by the United Nations Resident Coordinator and UN Development Programme (UNDP) Resident … [Read more...]

UN Women, the Future thereof …

The Future of UN Women Speech delivered by UN Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet at the New York City Bar Association, 21 June 2011. Good evening. It is a great pleasure to be here this evening and to have the opportunity to speak to you about the vision and goals of UN Women, and how we see the challenges and opportunities for advancing women’s rights and gender equality in countries worldwide. First let me say I think this is an exciting time for women … [Read more...]

Iraq: Judicial Security Reforms-gender-related

      Iraq: Judicial security reforms take aim at gender-based violence   Feb 2011 Baghdad – As it fights to improve security in the country as a whole, the Government of Iraq is also advancing a series of gender-related rule-of-law programmes to enhance protections for women in particular, with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Women in Iraq have not been afforded equal access to justice or protection by law enforcement agencies, so have stayed more … [Read more...]

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