Task Force on Trafficking of Women and Girls in Canada

Trafficking of girls and women is illegal, a human rights violation and an extreme form of violence against women. The solutions to end sex trafficking of girls and women are intrinsically linked to all of our key priorities: helping women transition out of poverty; ending violence against women; building strong, resilient girls; and public education and advocacy. The Canadian Women's Foundation is investing nearly $2 million over three years to provide funding to organizations, conduct … [Read more...]


Corruption is a serious and global problem. It creates instability, fuels poverty and hampers development, and it must be tackled. However, significant progress has been made in recent years and there’s much to praise God for this International Anti-Corruption Day. For example three years ago, agencies including Tearfund, Christian Aid and Cafod formed a working group to focus on global corruption. They set a number of ambitious targets. Today, the group has seen the majority of its targets … [Read more...]

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