Women Entrepreneurs in Rural Areas

UN Women: National Program on the Promotion of Green Inclusive Production Chains Managed by Women Entrepreneurs in Rural Areas   … [Read more...]

Poverty end has been moved to 2030, with rise before the fall!

Over a billion people worldwide live on less than $1.25 a day. But that number is falling. This has given credence to the idea that extreme poverty can be eliminated in a generation. A new study by Brookings researchers examines the prospects for ending extreme poverty by 2030 and the factors that will determine progress toward this goal. Below are some of the key findings: 1. We are at a unique point in history where there are more people in the world living right around the $1.25 … [Read more...]

UN Women, the Future thereof …

The Future of UN Women Speech delivered by UN Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet at the New York City Bar Association, 21 June 2011. Good evening. It is a great pleasure to be here this evening and to have the opportunity to speak to you about the vision and goals of UN Women, and how we see the challenges and opportunities for advancing women’s rights and gender equality in countries worldwide. First let me say I think this is an exciting time for women … [Read more...]

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