“Women Changing The World Mentorship Program”, MAY 21

"Navigating Through Change Series" Join us May 21st at 7pm PST 10pm EST for this informative and a groundbreaking free class where women from all over the world join in to find answers and support in fast changing world...and of course ask burning questions. To access this free class please dial: 559 - 546 - 1333 and your access number is 439344. It’s time to come into right relationship with your Inner guidance so that you can harness your personal power to serve your vision and … [Read more...]

THE EAGLE’S VISION Course – 7 Week TeleSeminar

Center for Sacred Studies presents a New Teleseminar "THE EAGLE´S VISION" UNIFY YOUR HEART WITH MOTHER EARTH! A Cosmovision and Original Thought Transmission with Roberto A. Restrepo Translated and supported by Nelson Caraballo ~ With a special visit with traditional authorities ~ from La Sierra Nevada Mountains of Santa Marta, Colombia This 7-Week Tele-seminar will immerse you in an ancient view of life that will support you in harmonizing with the Sacred and serving our … [Read more...]

WOMEN in RECOVERY – You have a Destiny!

You have a Destiny! Don't let the pressures of life push those dreams down. If you are feeling 'stuck' in life at this moment in time, Take Action! There are a plethora of opportunities, many of them are FREE. There are courses, classes, teleseminars, workshops and so much more ... The key to successful, contented recovery is getting outside of yourself, only to find it really does benefit yourself! Stir up those dreams! Shake off every disappointment and press … [Read more...]

NINA ROE ~ ‘Grieving Loved Ones‏’, this Sunday, October 23rd-10am EST.

Women of our World, If you are not already a Silver Halo member of our Living with the Angels™, I'd like to extend an invitation to Sunday's Sermon & Healing: Grieving Loved Ones. Unhealed grief can seep into every aspect of life - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Many times it is obvious and right on the surface with sadness, depression and even anger. Other times, it goes unnoticed and is experienced as an overall cloud of "blah-ness". If you or a loved one has … [Read more...]

Keeping It Real, Regina Baker

  It's Saturday morning and I find myself sitting here trying to figure out whether or not I should send you a message on the weekend. Why? Because like you, I subscribe to various ezines/newsletters and sometimes I wish I hadn't. Seriously, because some of the stuff that comes in my inbox is pure mess.That's definitely not something I ever want someone to feel about me. However, when I'm prompted to do something and I don't, things always come back to bite me! Have you ever … [Read more...]

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