Hay House World Summit, May 21 – June 9

10 Days to Feel the Difference‏ It’s not always easy to decide what is best or which path to take. One of Louise Hay’s favorite affirmations is: "Trust in Life. It will bring you all that you need." Throughout her writings, she reminds us that the key to trusting in Life is to love and accept yourself as you are and to never stop learning. You can experience peace, trust and joy every day by doing these three simple things: Love yourself Learn continuously Help … [Read more...]


THE CHAKRA ONE EXPERIENCE! IT'S TODAY! We are thrilled to bring you the earthy wisdom of not one but TWO shamanic medicinewomen today at our free class for you: Lynn Andrews and Linda Fitch of Alberto Villodo's Four Winds Society. PLUS Our very own Cecily MacArthur, who successfully shed 90 pounds (that is not a typo!) will share tips for Spiritual Weight Loss and Body Love! AND today begins our Shamanic Mandala Art Show! Sage's husband, Mark Goddard, is an internationally … [Read more...]

Spring of Sustainability – Our free 3-month “season” starts TODAY!

Never before have so many of the world's top green pioneers come together to give you free access to the best ideas, practices, thinking and opportunities to help us create a clean, green and serene world. It's the Spring of Sustainability and it started TODAY at 12 noon Pacific with Hunter Lovins, one of Time magazine's "Heroes of the Planet." Register here: http://springofsustainability.com/ Ed Begley, Jr has signed on and says: "In 40 years of environmental work, I've yet to … [Read more...]

NINA ROE ~ ‘Grieving Loved Ones‏’, this Sunday, October 23rd-10am EST.

Women of our World, If you are not already a Silver Halo member of our Living with the Angels™, I'd like to extend an invitation to Sunday's Sermon & Healing: Grieving Loved Ones. Unhealed grief can seep into every aspect of life - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Many times it is obvious and right on the surface with sadness, depression and even anger. Other times, it goes unnoticed and is experienced as an overall cloud of "blah-ness". If you or a loved one has … [Read more...]

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