Global Oneness Day, FREE Virtual Event for All – OCT 24

Why Global Oneness Day? Since the late 1960′s, when pioneering astronauts captured the first photographs of Earth from space, there has been a growing realization that everything and everyone on our beautiful blue planet are deeply connected. A realization that we are One. And yet, the popular perspectives and dominant institutions in our society are still primarily based on a mentality of separation. The focus on “us” separate from “them”, or “me” separate from “other”, while appropriate … [Read more...]

Hay House World Summit, May 21 – June 9

10 Days to Feel the Difference‏ It’s not always easy to decide what is best or which path to take. One of Louise Hay’s favorite affirmations is: "Trust in Life. It will bring you all that you need." Throughout her writings, she reminds us that the key to trusting in Life is to love and accept yourself as you are and to never stop learning. You can experience peace, trust and joy every day by doing these three simple things: Love yourself Learn continuously Help … [Read more...]

WOMEN in RECOVERY – Women Seeking Spirituality, or visa versa?

  Women Seeking Spirituality, or visa versa?     Women today are on a definite shift of energy, connecting day by day with each other both physically and spiritually, more than in many years past. This wonderful phenomenon is expanding our universe, all the while bringing women closer and closer together. God's chosen women, in our opinion, are all the Women in Recovery around our world that are not only seeking to heal, their search and prayers for help, are strengthening the universe … [Read more...]

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