Spring of Sustainability – Our free 3-month “season” starts TODAY!


Never before have so many of the world’s top green pioneers come together to give you free access to the best ideas, practices, thinking and opportunities to help us create a clean, green and serene world.

It’s the Spring of Sustainability and it started TODAY at 12 noon Pacific with Hunter Lovins, one of Time magazine’s “Heroes of the Planet.”

Register here: http://springofsustainability.com/

Ed Begley, Jr has signed on and says:
“In 40 years of environmental work, I’ve yet to come across anything like the Spring of Sustainability. The list of presenters is a ‘who’s who.’

And anyone can tune in – for free – and learn from today’s greatest minds how to create more sustainable lives and communities.”

Over the course of the next three months, you’ll have the opportunity to intimately engage with pioneers like Van Jones, Jane Goodall, Bill McKibben, Vandana Shiva, John Robbins, Frances Moore Lappé, Hazel Henderson, John Perkins, Thom Hartmann and many others.

During the Spring of Sustainability, you’ll learn ways to streamline your life, reconnect with nature, improve your finances, supercharge your health and take better care of our world – all by going joyfully green.

Did you know that you can:

  • Switch to solar power now often at zero cost and SAVE money? (We actually just investigated this and are about to sign a contract to do just that!)
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and contribution to global warming with automated monthly offsets?
  • Get yourself out of destructive investments and have your money create a better world (and strong returns) while you sleep?
  • Discover new, tasty dishes by eating locally-grown ingredients, one of the most important new trends in cuisine?
  • Positively impact economic development around the world with simple buying choices?

That’s why we’re so excited by our free 3-month “season” – it’s a chance for all of us to walk our talk and become the kind of sacred stewards of planet earth that we know is possible: http://springofsustainability.com/

We want this important season – with daily online sessions, Monday-Friday, to be one in which we take powerful actions that align our lives with our values and make going green juicy and FUN!

This will not be doom and gloom but a chance for us to create positive changes that benefit all. It’s a win-win: for you AND our world.

And you’ll join thousands of passionate, smart and proactive people like you who care about the legacy you’ll leave for your children, grandchildren and future generations.

Join us here: http://springofsustainability.com/

The great challenge of our time is to create a global culture that is sustainable, peaceful, healthy and prosperous. Our planet and children are depending on it, and the Spring of Sustainability is a powerful step for us to go green together.

We CAN turn things around if you, me, and many others like us take the most effective and proven steps toward this healthy, sustainable world.

You and other participants will also have the opportunity to create your OWN events and activities that are in the spirit of the shift to sustainability, thus building this series into a true movement.

Register now for the free Spring of Sustainability and help us spread the word: http://springofsustainability.com/

Let’s dedicate this coming three months to hope, inspiration and positive ACTION toward creating a thriving, beautiful world!

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In spirit,

Stephen Dinan

P.S. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from these global green pioneers without leaving your home or office!
Register here and help us spread the word: http://springofsustainability.com/

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