What’s Your Pleasure, 9 Weeks starts OCT 1

9-weeks (21 hrs) of group work alternating each week with in person embodiment practices & online group coaching. We will be communing to practice: 1. Loosening up those areas – emotionally and physically – that are constricted and blocking the flow of love and pleasure. 2. Reframing your life from a new more empowered and alivened perspective. 3. Deepening your understanding of your relationship ‘dance’ with men AND woman 4. Being more open, honest and feeling safe to express … [Read more...]


UPDATE: GREATEST INVESTMENT IN THE FUTURE IS TO INVEST IN YOURSELF NOW! June 21, 2013, Friday, 7 PM, Downers Grove, IL. Sacred Breath Healing Workshop. Any questions, ask for the names of people who attend regularly and the life changing experiences they claim as their own. July 7th, 2013, Sunday, 1 PM, ongoing Circle of Light enrichment classes and meditations. Contact: Shirlee 630-202-3818 YOU ARE ALREADY HOME!   Come to our offerings and you will discover that you are far … [Read more...]

WOMEN in RECOVERY – You have a Destiny!

You have a Destiny! Don't let the pressures of life push those dreams down. If you are feeling 'stuck' in life at this moment in time, Take Action! There are a plethora of opportunities, many of them are FREE. There are courses, classes, teleseminars, workshops and so much more ... The key to successful, contented recovery is getting outside of yourself, only to find it really does benefit yourself! Stir up those dreams! Shake off every disappointment and press … [Read more...]

Rev. Nina Roe – 'ABCs of Abundance', starting Nov. 11 ~ Register Now!

              Abundance with the Angels.   Say it out loud...Abundance with the Angels.   One more time (I like things in 3's)...Abundance with the Angels!     Doesn't that just feel yummy right down to your tippy toes?!   Abundance is crucial in this time of quick change. My angels share with me that the pace will continue to increase and as we are able to stay focused on what makes us happy to the core, this transition will be exponentially easier for us.   To that end, my angels have asked … [Read more...]

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