‘Epoch of Enlightenment‘, the New Millennium Woman?

Jurado's other murals are more esoteric and whimsical. Here a nude female takes a break from strumming her guitar while she listens to an angel playing a horn and a devil the flute. To me, these two little figures represent the dualism that threads through Mexican philosophy and art going back thousands of years back deep into pre-hispanic times. In this view, everything has its opposite: day and night, light and dark, good and bad, etc. One cannot exist without the other and they define … [Read more...]

THE EAGLE’S VISION Course – 7 Week TeleSeminar

Center for Sacred Studies presents a New Teleseminar "THE EAGLE´S VISION" UNIFY YOUR HEART WITH MOTHER EARTH! A Cosmovision and Original Thought Transmission with Roberto A. Restrepo Translated and supported by Nelson Caraballo ~ With a special visit with traditional authorities ~ from La Sierra Nevada Mountains of Santa Marta, Colombia This 7-Week Tele-seminar will immerse you in an ancient view of life that will support you in harmonizing with the Sacred and serving our … [Read more...]

SHIRLEE HALL – Spiritual Healer, Poet, Author

UPCOMING LOCAL Subject: INNER LABORATORY Do you believe in YOU? Does it bother you that truth has been staring you in the face for years and you didn't believe enough in your real Self to do something personally regarding integrating the truth into your personality and actions? This is part of the new alchemical series created just for you. EVENTS: June 5th, La Grange, private home 1:00pm CIRCLE OF LIGHT class and meditation June 17th, Downers Grove, 7:00pm SACRED BREATH … [Read more...]

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