THE EAGLE’S VISION Course – 7 Week TeleSeminar


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Center for Sacred Studies presents a New Teleseminar


A Cosmovision and Original Thought Transmission with Roberto A. Restrepo
Translated and supported by Nelson Caraballo

~ With a special visit with traditional authorities ~

from La Sierra Nevada Mountains of Santa Marta, Colombia

This 7-Week Tele-seminar

will immerse you in an ancient view of life that will support you

in harmonizing with the Sacred and serving our great Mother Earth!

This course presents an ample look at the worldview and thought of native (original) peoples of the Americas and its transcendent form of understanding the world, origin, self and destiny. It also shows how this ‘atemporal‘ (independent of or unaffected by time) worldview and thought give meaning and direction to the human experience, and bring an understanding of the values which the life originating principles (Law of Origin or IKWASHENDUNA) – bestowed to the human community for this point in time of its existence.

Moreover, this course makes it possible to understand and interact with the Sacred; an aspect of great importance to Native/Original America, shared for over 5000 years.

To become familiar with this worldview is to understand an essential part of the American soul and her native peoples, and provides a fundamental tool instrumental in giving form once again to our own original thought, thus helping us to rethink our human role in this time-space of the Fifth Sun, a period of great change and opportunities.

Thanks to the relationship that exists with the four pueblos of La Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, a space will be opened in this seminar in which the traditional authorities who are forwarding the process of Universal Unification for the safekeeping of Mother Earth — IKWASHENDUNA — can share with us what their spiritual investigations have shown them so that this UNITY can be realized. In agreement with these authorities, this space has been opened in response to the need that many of us see, that of securing the commitment of more people to cultivate a disciplined way of Being, in order to make concrete changes in the collective consciousness of humanity possible, which will lead us toward the restoration of natural order on the planet. ENGLISH VERSION-VIDEO


  • Is a 7-Week Audio course with a supplementary visual component.
  • The course begins Wednesday April 10th and meets
  • from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM PST for 7 consecutive weeks.

All sessions will be recorded and available to all participants each week!

Course Tuition: 230 US$

By participating in The Eagle’s Vision course, you will receive:

– An opportunity to transform your consciousness through the study and integration of the Eagle’s Vision.
– Experience a profound unification with the heart of Mother Earth.
– A recording of all 7 sessions of the course for your future reference and study.
– A compilation of the essential images from the course, along with notes by Roberto Restrepo.
– The opportunity to ask Roberto Restrepo follow-up questions via email.
– A chance to connect and build community with like-minded people around the world by participating in small group discussions after each session.
– A special invitation to participate in some exciting future projects with Roberto and Nelson…more on that in the course!


GRAND 1Roberto A. Restrepo is a researcher of the original cultures and peoples of the Americas. His work is carried out with support of institutions like UNESCO, as well as Colombian and foreign universities. He is currently working with UNESCO PHI-LAC as the coordinator of the ACHALC Water and Culture Programs for Latin America and the Caribbean.

He has spent various periods of time with indigenous communities all across the continent, and for years has conducted research in the important archaeological sites. He has published many documentary films and books, including the Trilogy of Knowledge, with UNESCO. His field of knowledge centers on the cosmovision, thought and culture of the original peoples of the Americas.

GRAND 2Convinced that the ancestral presence on the planet and its continuity with the life originating principles represents a possible route for finding solutions to restoring the natural balance in the world, Nelson Caraballo is devoted to contributing to the resurgence of original thought in the mind set of modern day societies.

He is the Director of Fundación, Ciencia, Arte y Cultura – FUNDARCULTURA – based in Medellin, Colombia, and has spent the last thirteen years working under the guidance of traditional authorities from the four pueblos of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.


grand week 1Wed, Apr 10, 2013 ~ 5:30pm to 7:00pm PST

Week 1 –
La Visión del Águila: Worldview, thought and culture, interacting with the sacred in life

grand week 2Wed, Apr 17, 2013 ~ 5:30pm to 7:00pm PST

Week 2 – The world as a weaving: my place in the world, interactions and balance, the language of the origins

grand week 3Wed, Apr 24, 2013~ 5:30pm to 7:00pm PST

Week 3 -The cycles of expansion and contraction, my rhythm of action, the double spiral

grand week 4Wed, May 1, 2013 ~ 5:30pm to 7:00pm PST

Week 4 – Time-space, origin and destiny, the Sacred time of our time, Pacha and Najt

grand week 5Wed, May 8, 2013 ~ 5:30pm to 7:00pm PST

Week 5 – The ordering of the world, how to be coherent in that world, colors and symbols

grand week 6Wed, May 15, 2013 ~ 5:30pm to 7:30pm PST

Week 6 – IKWASHENDUNA – Universal Unification for the Safeguarding of Mother Earth


We have the great honor and opportunity of speaking with two individuals who represent the traditional authorities of the Sierra Nevada mountains of Santa Marta, Colombia – GONAWINDUA. Known as mamos and sagas (traditional authorities) of the four original pueblos of Las Sierras – The Koguis, Wiwas, Kankuamos and Arhuacos – today, these people are forwarding a process which calls them to leave their villages with a mandated approach which seeks Universal Unification for the Safeguarding of our Mother Earth.

The IKWASHENDUNA process transforms the existing barriers of race, class, color, religion, ethnicity, etc. into a great Unification, made possible by restoring the internal order of each being, considered here as yet another element within nature. To achieve this, we must examine our own history, starting with the relationship that the individual has with the universe.

grand lastWed, May 22, 2013 ~ 5:30pm to 7:00pm PST

Week 7 -The humanization process, from duality to harmony, shamanic thought, how to live this human experience



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