Gift Ideas for Children’s Christenings

Christenings are seen as cheerful events which bring together close family members and friends so that they can share in the special moment of a child’s life. The service is usually followed by a reception to allow everyone to catch up, reminisce, and more importantly, celebrate together a prominent day in a child’s life. While this is all fairly straightforward, if you have an upcoming christening to attend, one aspect which you might be struggling with is what to gift to give to the child and … [Read more...]

LOVE, 10 of the things that most moms hold on to

Even the most dedicated de-clutterers have a box or a container stashed somewhere that’s housing mementos and keepsakes from their children’s early years that they aren’t yet ready to part with. While some may keep more than others, there are a few items that are universally kept instead of discarded. Here are 10 of the things that most moms hold on to as their children get older. Artwork – It’s hard to throw away those masterpieces created by earnest little hands; some moms hold on to … [Read more...]

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