Gift Ideas for Children’s Christenings

Christenings are seen as cheerful events which bring together close family members and friends so that they can share in the special moment of a child’s life. The service is usually followed by a reception to allow everyone to catch up, reminisce, and more importantly, celebrate together a prominent day in a child’s life. While this is all fairly straightforward, if you have an upcoming christening to attend, one aspect which you might be struggling with is what to gift to give to the child and their parents on the day. If you are having difficulty deciding what gift to get, here are a few ideas to help inspire you.


A christening is a special day that the whole family will want to remember forever, which is why a keepsake item would be a perfect gift idea. Keepsakes can take many forms, so consider what you know of the family and decide what they would like best. One example of a great keepsake item would be a memory box of some description, which they can continue to fill with items from their child’s life as they grow up, and then pass down to them as an adult. Another nice idea would be a decorative frame or photo album in which they can place photos from the day of the christening.


Jewelry is always a nice gift mark a special occasion. You could either buy an item of jewelry for the child to wear now, or to be passed down to them once they reach a certain age. Alternatively, you could present a gift of jewelry to the parents, such as a locket or a cross for them to wear and remember their special day with their child. For example, there are lots of options for Men’s Christian Jewelry items which you can buy.


More often than not, parents are given a lot of baby clothing items; therefore, unless you are sure that they would appreciate more children’s clothing, a great alternative present idea would be to buy them a book. Hardcover copies of children’s books make great presents as they can be kept for many years, and you can sign the inside of the cover to give the present a personal touch. Another way to make presents of books more individual would be to buy a book which has been personalized specifically for the recipient of the present.


Toys are a present which a child will get joy out of for many years. There is a large range of toy items which you could buy, so it all depends on what you know of the child, including what their current preferred type of toy is, their age, and gender, for example. You could also buy toys which are less practical, but which could be kept for a long time, such as a silver rattle.

Whichever gift you decide to buy, as long as you put some thought into your choice, it will be well received and loved for years to come.

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