LOVE, 10 of the things that most moms hold on to

Even the most dedicated de-clutterers have a box or a container stashed somewhere that’s housing mementos and keepsakes from their children’s early years that they aren’t yet ready to part with.

While some may keep more than others, there are a few items that are universally kept instead of discarded.

Here are 10 of the things that most moms hold on to as their children get older.

  1. Artwork – It’s hard to throw away those masterpieces created by earnest little hands; some moms hold on to every piece while others may cull periodically, but there aren’t very many parents out there who don’t hold on to at least a few.
  2. Handmade Cards – When kids first learn to make their own cards, they seem to make them for each and every occasion, and sometimes even when there isn’t a reason! Those kid-made Valentines and Mother’s Day cards are difficult to part with, so there are usually a few tucked away as keepsakes.
  3. Homework – Whether it’s because of high marks, teacher’s praise, or even just some comedic relief, there are usually a couple of old homework assignments that moms have saved throughout the years. Kids tend to say (and draw!) funny things on their papers, which can spur even hard-line purgers to keep a few pieces here and there.
  4. Birth Announcements – Printed in the local newspaper or mailed out as cards, most moms save the announcements created to commemorate their child’s birth. These precious keepsakes may be scrapbooked or lovingly tucked into a box, but they’re rarely thrown away.
  5. Baby Shower Invitations – Like birth announcements, it’s not unusual for moms-to-be to hold on to one of the invitations to their baby shower. Those pastel-colored reminders of the anticipation leading up to the birth of a child are difficult for some to part with.
  6. Toys – Some parents save their kids’ toys for future grandchildren, and others hold on to them after becoming empty-nesters in order to have diversions for visiting kids. Either way, toys are likely to be stowed away for future use, rather than discarded.
  7. Trophies and Medals – Tokens of a child’s accomplishments are among the most popular things to save. From Little League trophies to spelling bee medals, these awards are almost always held on to.
  8. Locks of Hair – In many families, it’s a tradition to keep a lock of hair from Baby’s first haircut. Often tied and placed in a baby book, locks of hair can also be accompanied by baby teeth, though some moms may find keeping teeth to be a bit gruesome.
  9. Ultrasound Pictures – The first glimpse of the little stranger that Mom is harboring is likely to be one of her most treasured possessions. Those printouts may not always take up center stage in a frame, but they’re almost never thrown away.
  10. Hospital Bracelets – Babies born in hospitals come home with tiny, newborn-sized bracelets with all of their information printed on them. Whether a result of their miniscule size or the sentimental value of being one of the first things that Baby wore, many moms opt to keep them.

In addition to the toys, artwork and cards, many moms also choose to keep their children’s clothing. Organization fanatics may only choose to keep the clothes that Baby came home for the first time in or the outfit worn on the first day of school, while others hold on to every shred. For moms that are handy with a needle, these clothes may end up stitched into a keepsake quilt.

Martina Keyhell

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