Valentine’s Day Do’s and Don’t’s

Valentine’s Day Do’s and Don’t’s Making Your Lover Happy For some, Valentine’s Day is the loveliest day of the year, for others, it is distinctly unappealing. Whichever way you feel about the day, here are some good ways to stay out of trouble with your lover when everything around you is hearts and flowers. DO 1. Get in the spirit of the day. Even if saints aren’t your thing, and cheery messages are like nails on a blackboard, pick up a sweet bouquet for your wife, your … [Read more...]

Your May 2011 Forecast

Your May 2011 Forecast Step Out of Your Comfort Zone Multiple conjunctions make this an empowering month. First, a potent line-up of Aries influences fire up the first half of May, encouraging self-expression, originality and doing your own thing. They also energize competitiveness, daring and adventurousness. The second half of May is a feast for the senses; multiple Taurus influences join forces to bring out your earthy side. It’s time to enjoy all things physical, while taking care of … [Read more...]

Holly Allender: DE-CODING the MALE MIND

     The Male Mind: What Is He Thinking?   Decoding the Male Mind Communication in a relationship is key.   If you want to make music with the man in your life, then you must learn the way his brain functions!           It’s fundamental that you are heard and that you hear your mate. However, why is it that sometimes we seem to be talking about the same subject, but neither of us understand each other? How many times have you thrown your arms into the air frustrated that the love of your … [Read more...]

Holly Allender – Job Loyalty: It’s a Two-Way Street

Job Loyalty: It’s a Two-Way Street   Show Your Dedication   When I first entered the workforce at age sixteen, I was paid hourly. I did my work, and at the end of my shift, I left. I never gave a second thought to staying late. I figured if I did my job and did it well, I was showing my loyalty, abilities and eagerness to remain a part of the company. These were primarily summer jobs, and I wasn’t looking to move up in the company. Over the years, I learned to balance my workload and the … [Read more...]

Alina Mikos – Make Your Own Happily Ever After

7 Ways to Survive Singledom on Valentine’s Day    Make Your Own Happily Ever After   Before you decide to spend the day alone in a cave, sniffling and pouting as you watch unrealistic romance films with picture-perfect endings, read on for a different approach to dealing with Valentine’s Day 2011.      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   1. Identity Check You should never … [Read more...]

Meet Your Spirit Guides: Is It Me or My Guides?

Meet Your Spirit Guides: Is It Me or My Guides? By Psychic Verbena ext. 9615 Lynne from Boston, Massachusetts asks: How do I know when the message I’m receiving is from one of my guides? During meditation, I will sometimes hear many things in my head, but have trouble sorting everything out. I’m not sure if I’m getting messages or if it’s the thoughts in my head. Then I don’t know what to trust, and get scared and confused.     Dear Lynne, Your challenge is one that occasionally bedevils … [Read more...]

Holly Allender – 4 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

4 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions  By Holly Allender   You’ve made your goals for 2011 .....        In case you haven’t, check out this article: New Year’s Resolution – 6 Steps to Guarantee Your Success. _________________________    Now you’re ready to put your plans into 'Action', but what if don’t accomplish your goals or fear you’ll fail.   Here are a few insights to keep you on track and headed for success:    1. Check Your Goals Are your goals realistic? Verify your goals … [Read more...]

California Psychics: Marin – 'Healing from a Distance'

  Psychic Workout: Healing from a Distance   Kevin in Medford, Oregon asks:  'I have an elderly mother who recently fell, and hip surgery was required. She is still in the hospital, and slowly recovering, but there isn’t much else they can do for her. I live several hours away, and am not able to spend as much time with her as I would like. I have heard of something called “distance healing.”   Is this something I can do to help her, and how do I do it?'   Psychic Marin ext. 5113 … [Read more...]

Stephanie K. Smith – 10 Ways to Share Your Love, Gratitude and Compassion

10 Ways to Share Your Love, Gratitude and Compassion   By Stephanie K. Smith     In honor of Thanksgiving, here are ten ways to spread abundance that will brighten your day – and someone else’s!     1. Write a Thank You (for Being You) Note! It may be old fashioned in these days of e-mails, texts and Facebook wall posts, but sometimes the best things stem from tradition. Take this opportunity to let someone know that you appreciate them – not for something they’ve given you or done, but for … [Read more...]

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