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7 Ways to Survive Singledom on Valentine’s Day 


Make Your Own Happily Ever After


Before you decide to spend the day alone in a cave, sniffling and pouting as you watch unrealistic romance films with picture-perfect endings, read on for a different approach to dealing with Valentine’s Day 2011.





1. Identity Check

You should never base your identity on relationships, romantic or otherwise. Wanting to be part of a relationship because it makes you feel ‘whole’ is a one-way ticket to disaster. If you’re feeling down about being single, ask yourself whether it is because you truly want a special person in your life, or is it because you hate being alone and just crave the status symbol that being part of a couple generates.

2. Keep it in Perspective

The reality is that while you may feel like the only single woman out there in the whole, wide world, there are almost as many people unattached as there are couples. Out of those people in relationships, a considerable number of them may be unhappy with their partners and are just as trepidacious about Valentine’s Day as you are. There’s nothing like trying to force romantic moments between couples who just aren’t into each other enough.

3. Thumbing Your Nose at Commercialism

Recognize the fact that Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be what it is if so many companies and businesses weren’t making a financial killing off of gullible consumers. The day is hyped up and marketed months in advance in order to convince those with significant others in their lives that they must buy them expensive gifts and dinners to prove their undying love. When it comes right down to it, it’s always the thought that counts, and any day of the year is a good day to let your sweetie know how much you care for them.

4. Pampering Your Beautiful Self

Celebrate yourself as a single, beautiful woman with a candlelit bath, a massage, and some decadent chocolates. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy and don’t deserve every one of those indulgences that our Valentine’s couples do.

5. Rally Your “Single” Girlfriends

Being single doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate this day, and its accompanying sentiments, with friends. Take one another out for drinks and dark chocolate somewhere you can talk about the cutest guy in the room if you so please! You can even arrange a Secret Cupid game, where you each buy one another a little present that usually involves the tips in the previous section on pampering yourself like you deserve.

6. Appreciate the Single Life

There are many advantages to being single, so make sure that you’re appreciating every last one of them during this time between relationships. Being free to meet and date new and interesting people, being able to do what you want without having to report back to a significant other, and being free to plan out your day without compromises are just a few examples of why the single life can be so great.

7. Time Is On Your Side: Make the Most of It!

If you’re longing for a relationship, now is the perfect time to reflect on exactly what you are looking for in another person. Are you ready for a relationship and are you making yourself open and available to others? Could you be harboring any negativity which could be turning off potential suitors? Once you’ve examined all the possibilities and have make the appropriate adjustments to your attitude and behavior, get yourself back out there and see what cupid has in mind for you.


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