Rev. Elvia Nina, 2013 – a year of great Transformation

Welcome to 2013! The angels tell me this is a year of great transformation that will bring us joy and true abundance as we step into alignment with our collective purpose. What is our collective purpose? To be divine stewards of this new dawning of our planet. How do we do this? By setting our own personal GPSs to the direction of our angelic guidance...aka living the life and doing the work we came into body to do. This means being clear with our intentions for the year to come as … [Read more...]

Holly Allender – 4 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

4 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions  By Holly Allender   You’ve made your goals for 2011 .....        In case you haven’t, check out this article: New Year’s Resolution – 6 Steps to Guarantee Your Success. _________________________    Now you’re ready to put your plans into 'Action', but what if don’t accomplish your goals or fear you’ll fail.   Here are a few insights to keep you on track and headed for success:    1. Check Your Goals Are your goals realistic? Verify your goals … [Read more...]

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