Rev. Elvia Nina, 2013 – a year of great Transformation


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Welcome to 2013!

The angels tell me this is a year of great transformation that will bring us joy and true abundance as we step into alignment with our collective purpose.

What is our collective purpose? To be divine stewards of this new dawning of our planet.

How do we do this? By setting our own personal GPSs to the direction of our angelic guidance…aka living the life and doing the work we came into body to do. This means being clear with our intentions for the year to come as guided by our angels.

To help you plug into your personal truth and create a 2013 filled with all things good, my husband Peter and I are facilitating a Vision and Create 2013 with the Angels this Thursday, January 3rd at 8-9:30pm eastern.

This is a shamanic journeying process that is essentially the same concept as a Past Life Regression Healing except that it’s with the intention of visioning forward in time to identify potential obstacles, release them and create a year of love, joy, health and abundance.

We will guide you through intention setting with some journalling, a group meditation and a future life journey along with Q&A to ensure that you understand the process. The cost of this event is $25 and will last approximately 90 minutes.

While not required, participants will also be invited to privately share a short version of their intentions for 2013. Peter and I will then take these intentions and pray their fulfillment every day for 20 days to support your success.

Yes, I’d like to join you for Vision and Create 2013 with the Angels!

Nina RoeLive attendance is not required, so if you’d like to join us but the date/time don’t work, no worries!

You can listen to the recording at your convenience.

Get clear with your angels for 2013 and create a year you LOVE!

Ever yours in peace…

With love,
Rev. Elvia Nina


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