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Psychic Workout: Healing from a Distance


Kevin in Medford, Oregon asks:

 ‘I have an elderly mother who recently fell, and hip surgery was required. She is still in the hospital, and slowly recovering, but there isn’t much else they can do for her. I live several hours away, and am not able to spend as much time with her as I would like. I have heard of something called “distance healing.”


Is this something I can do to help her, and how do I do it?’


Psychic Marin ext. 5113 responds:

“There are many forms of healing, and those that possess the ability to heal have either come by the skills naturally or, through training, have developed the ability to enter into an altered state of consciousness in order to bring forth healing abilities. The notion of “distance healing” has been associated with “quack medicine,” or “miracle cures”; however, scientific studies have proven the opposite, that distance and remote healing does have a positive effect.

Science, through the measure of brain wave frequencies, has been able to demonstrate that healing begins within the brain. Further research on brain wave patterns shows that when someone is receiving a treatment from a healer, that their brain activity begins to synchronize with the brain activity of the healer providing the service.

If your loved one is suffering, either emotionally or physically, this remote healing exercise can aid in the healing process. It is also a technique frequently used for those in an incapacitated state or coma. While encouraging that you do not abandon the tried and tested medicine and directions of a physician, you can incorporate this form of healing in addition to the current regimen.

To heal at a distance, begin by opening your chakra centers, and then intensely visualize the person you want to send healing energy to. A photograph can be useful to meditate upon to assist you in visualizing the person.

Imagine that the individual as healthy and robust. See them in a complete state, as compared to their current condition. Do not visualize them as weak or sick! This process is the key to this exercise. Many beginners, with good intentions, mistakenly visualize their loved one as ill, which unintentionally dwells on their current condition. It is an error or oversight to attempt healing by focusing on the current state of health, hoping and praying for improved health. This process confirms the illness, as it is feeding the current condition, rather than putting energy into a healed state. Understanding this concept is crucial for applying healing techniques.

After visualizing the person, next direct healing energy into your hands, and visualize yourself reaching out and touching them on either the top of their head (their crown chakra) or directly on the site of illness or injury. Allow the golden light of healing to transmit in a steady flow to the recipient, and continue this visualization for a few minutes.

Now see the individual performing day-to-day activities. See them walking about happily and actively. See the illness or condition in the past, and that they have overcome all obstacles. Your visualization of health is creating an image and imprint for the future.

Allow the stream of the healing light to gradually discontinue, and begin to see the image of the individual fade. Close down your chakras and complete the healing exercise.

Continue to perform this exercise on a regular basis, preferably once a day, at the same time each day. I suggest doing this right before going to bed, when you are in a relaxed state of mind, which is necessary in order to devote the required attention to this exercise. If possible, you can let the recipient know that at a set time each day you will be praying for them and sending healing energy to them. You can also encourage them to adopt the same state of mind as you in order to create a stronger healing connection, as this will help them receive the energy.

Spiritual healing is not a substitute for conventional medicine, but compliments the healing process, and in some cases, can expedite it. Heal without expectations, and without the need for recognition or kudos when acting as a healer. In fact, the surest way to not aid in healing is to perform acts of healing for the applause, attention or “wow” factor. The ill or injured individual has enough that they are worried about. The least of their concerns should be needing to constantly show appreciation for your efforts. Remember, your intent is not based on ego, and you are not a miracle worker. The correct intent is the pure, altruistic desire to help another being, void of any expectation or need for recognition.”


About Marin

Marin is a natural born psychic, ordained minister, and a certified paranormal investigator who describes herself as an advocate for the deceased. Utilizing several guides, her gifts of remote viewing, Clairvoyance, and Clairaudience, Marin offers insight on relationships. She shares guidance on reconnecting lovers, career, finance, family matters, departed loved ones, and paranormal activity. Marin says she will “tap into your past to see where you are coming from, look into your future to determine possible outcomes, and help you deal with the present so you can navigate through life’s labyrinth.” She can provide you with the map for your soul’s journey. Marin does not need tools but can read Tarot and Oracle cards upon request.

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