Your May 2011 Forecast

Your May 2011 Forecast

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Multiple conjunctions make this an empowering month. First, a potent line-up of Aries influences fire up the first half of May, encouraging self-expression, originality and doing your own thing. They also energize competitiveness, daring and adventurousness. The second half of May is a feast for the senses; multiple Taurus influences join forces to bring out your earthy side. It’s time to enjoy all things physical, while taking care of practicalities. Socializing is favored as well.
Transit Tales
Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus in Aries (wow!) during the first half of May can give you outstanding focus to achieve whatever you’re going for. It especially favor stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. Patience may be in short supply, however, especially in relationships and communications.
After the 11th, some planets start wandering into Taurus, including Mars (May 11-June 19), Mercury (May 15-June 2) and Venus (May 15-June 8). These earthy influences favor a slower pace, paying attention to practicalities and getting in tune with your body. Slow and sexy is the theme for intimate interactions.
Planets in Motion

Retrograde Saturn through June 11 continues to encourage an evaluation of your goals and commitments, but can stymie business plans temporarily. Retrograde Pluto through September 15 can bring up emotional or sexual issues that need to be resolved. It also encourages an evaluation of your debt or shared finances, such as joint banking accounts.

Lunar Magic

The New Moon in Taurus on May 2 brings a new cycle of moneymaking possibilities and encourages you to pay attention to your physical needs, finances and other practical matters.
The Full Moon in Scorpio on May 17 energizes sexual encounters, but can also irritate old emotional wounds that need to be healed, or financial issues that need to be dealt with. It can also intensify your psychic abilities, so pay attention to your intuition.
Planetary Highlights
May 2: The New Moon in Taurus can bring a fresh perspective or opportunity related to prosperity, the environment or sensual/physical activities.
May 9-20: Mercury conjunct Venus in Aries fires up ideas and discussions about love, friendship, recreation or art. Travel for fun is favored too.
May 11-June 19: Mars in Taurus energizes activities that are sensual/physical, practical or related to the environmental.
May 11-12: Mercury, Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Aries intensifies the adventurousness, optimism and flirtatiousness in relationships. Travel is favored, especially if it’s a romantic getaway or learning experience.
May 15-June 8: Venus in Taurus favors a sensual and leisurely approach to romance.
May 15-June 1: Mercury in Taurus focuses on ideas and discussions about the environment, money, business or other practical matters.
May 17: The Full Moon in Scorpio energizes sexual encounters, emotional issues and shared financial ventures such loans or joint accounts.
May 20-23: The conjunction of Mercury, Venus and Mars in Taurus creates a powerful focus on all things sensual, earthy or beautiful.
May 20-21: Mercury, Venus and Mars trine Pluto empowers activities related to business, finances, the environment or physical pursuits.
May 21-June 20: The Sun entering Gemini energizes communications, learning, travel and versatility.
May 22: Sun square Neptune favors spiritual pursuits but can muddy intentions, especially for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.
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