VERONICA – The Main Ingredient For Success

A New Message From VERONICA The Main Ingredient For Success   Being in physical reality can be a harsh experience. Focusing completely upon the linear reality is often a difficult endeavor. The important thing to realize is how magnificent your soulful energy actually is. It has the ability to break through the denseness and create the Utopian reality that you deserve. One just needs to maintain their relationship with their soul to achieve it! Decide that you are indeed … [Read more...]

VERONICA – You Possess The Energy

You Possess The Energy "Each day in physical reality may offer many challenges. Remember that before arriving in this life, you participated in the creation of those challenges. It was not so that you would fail. You created these moments to rise above the drama, becoming one with your soul on the way to advancement. The random universe with free will attached may often feel daunting. It is important to step back from feeling intimidated. There is nothing in front of you that cannot be … [Read more...]

VERONICA, April Crawford ~ ‘Mistakes’

A New Message From VERONICA Mistakes     "In times of trouble the world around the self feels like it is crumbling. A feeling of powerlessness can envelop even the most evolved energies. One may feel responsible for choices that can be perceived as mistakes. Know that choices are what physical reality is all about. A choice that may feel right and ends up creating negative energy is often regarded as a mistake. The self can become depressed over that choice and … [Read more...]

VERONICA – Spiritual Messages: Physical Reality is in Transition

 VERONICA - Spiritual Messages:  Physical Reality is in Transition   "The linear is a canvas of expression that is created deep within the soul. At this time of existence much is said of the unstable energy that permeates everyone 's reality.   The greatest desire is to reach a place of peace and tranquility. The greatest need is for stability in and on all levels of physical participation. Most would settle for a good day of connection to their soul.   Yes the physical reality is in transition. … [Read more...]

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