VERONICA, ‘You Can … You Will’

You can... You Will... "Most can reach a next level of emotional, spiritual, and psychic awareness without certain linear enactments of negativity. If it feels uncomfortable, push through the fear to discover the true purpose of the drama. Challenges are not created by you to victimize yourself. They are created and embraced to fulfill the momentum of your evolution. It's not and easy path, but when accomplished within, it can bring a sense of vitality to your … [Read more...]

VERONICA – Growing Up

A Message from VERONICA Growing Up "Often as a child in the physical world one is asked 'What do you want to be when you grow up'? The answers vary from child to child as their years advance for each of those children. It is a typical question asked of various cultures, each one with its parameters & definitions. We ask, however, how many of you ask of yourselves what you will be if your soul learns all of its proposed lessons and essentially grows up? We realize … [Read more...]

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