VERONICA – Growing Up

A Message from VERONICA

Growing Up

“Often as a child in the physical world one is asked ‘What do you want to be when you grow up’?

The answers vary from child to child as their years advance for each of those children. It is a typical question asked of various cultures, each one with its parameters & definitions.

We ask, however, how many of you ask of yourselves what you will be if your soul learns all of its proposed lessons and essentially grows up? We realize there is a concept of soulful growth but it is often intertwined with a religious moment or a concept outdated by advancement not perceived by the linear self.

In the timeline the idea of goal changes as the child develops and considers new ideas & opportunities. What one ascribed to at age 8 usually aligns differently by the age of 18. At 28 all of those thoughts may be replaced by ones never considered by the teenager or the child.

Thus it is for the soul.

You are ever evolving.

The idea of clinging to concepts out dated by your advancement seems ridiculous in print. However, there are a number of you who do so out of obligation and/or tradition.

As you feel yourself ‘growing up’ spiritually it is important to consider the progress of your soul and what is necessary to maintain it in the linear.

Releasing concepts no longer relevant to the soul is imperative. It is not perhaps turning away from God, but actually turning inward to the self & soul, the ultimate manifestation of God.”

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