Addicted to Struggle‏ – AMANDA GOLDSTON

Addicted to Struggle How does Struggle serve me? Who would I be without struggle? These two questions were presented to me this week after a comment from my friends Kristin and David Morelli that I might be “addicted to struggle” which would go a long way to explaining my current financial situation. I have looked at this issue before, but more from an intellectual perspective. I had never really felt into it, so here we go. I sat in the garden with a cup of tea and a … [Read more...]

VERONICA, April Crawford ~ ‘Mistakes’

A New Message From VERONICA Mistakes     "In times of trouble the world around the self feels like it is crumbling. A feeling of powerlessness can envelop even the most evolved energies. One may feel responsible for choices that can be perceived as mistakes. Know that choices are what physical reality is all about. A choice that may feel right and ends up creating negative energy is often regarded as a mistake. The self can become depressed over that choice and … [Read more...]

Larry shares a what I call a “Character Building Experience”

The BIG "Oops!" Saying, "My bad!" or "I'm sorry" over and over again when you make a big "Oops!" is kinda like the story of the little boy who cried, "Wolf." After a while your partner will get the idea that change is not in the picture. When you make a misstep. . . acknowledge it and promise not to do it again. . . and KEEP YOUR WORD! "I was wrong and I am sorry," works once or possibly twice. Those seven words will help make your perceptions clearer, your judgments sounder, your … [Read more...]

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