VERONICA – You Possess The Energy

You Possess The Energy

“Each day in physical reality may offer many challenges. Remember that before arriving in this life, you participated in the creation of those challenges. It was not so that you would fail. You created these moments to rise above the drama, becoming one with your soul on the way to advancement.
The random universe with free will attached may often feel daunting. It is important to step back from feeling intimidated. There is nothing in front of you that cannot be conquered. Be of glad heart that you possess the energy to do so.
Stay in harmony with the joy of life. It is a powerful tool if one decides to partake of it.
Like attracts like.
If you feel defeated, you will be.
If you are weary, you will lose momentum.
If you are of joyful focus, the negative will have no choice but to recede.
None of these are magical elixirs.
All of these are reminders that ultimately you will prevail in whatever you decide to partake of.
Decide to laugh in the face of adversity.
Know you are powerful enough to supersede all difficulty.
Do not let your thoughts wonder.
Keep company with those thoughts while appreciating the experience.
Ultimately, as you create you can become happier while learning the lesson.
Be powerful.
Know yourself.
Decide to be in control of your reality.
There are no victims.
Only those who have given up their power.”

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