Something Special for Your Hubby for Christmas!‏

Hey, Gals! Here’s Something Special for Your Hubby for Christmas! In a season when our mailboxes are stuffed with photos of people we haven't thought about all year wearing unfortunate sweaters, I'm thinking it might be a great change of pace to prepare a Holiday photo card for him with a personalized message - one where you're not wearing an ugly sweater. I'm not talking about sexting a quick selfie photo here. I'm talking about a classy and sexy photograph present of yourself, less … [Read more...] shares Ten Commandments of Co-Parenting‏

  Ten Commandments of Co-Parenting Lynn Nelson, Guest Author - 1. Resolve conflicts without putting kids in the middle. This requires being objective about your children’s needs (and not confusing them with your own) and compromising when the situation warrants. Stick with a conflict until it’s resolved; don’t let a problem fester and then punish the other parent passive-aggressively or be difficult in unrelated situations. 2. Treat the other parent … [Read more...] Yesterday is History ~ Tomorrow is a Mystery

               Yesterday is History!   Tomorrow is a Mystery!   Couples who dwell or live in the past seldom are the ones you notice moving forward with anticipation to the future. My belief it that you should only look back to see how far you've come and to learn from the experience. To break free from the past you must look at the future as a mystery. Let things happen intentionally. This is, plan some unexpected romance with your partner. Begin to actively explore the mystery of love and … [Read more...]

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