Something Special for Your Hubby for Christmas!‏

Hey, Gals! Here’s Something Special for Your Hubby for Christmas! In a season when our mailboxes are stuffed with photos of people we haven't thought about all year wearing unfortunate sweaters, I'm thinking it might be a great change of pace to prepare a Holiday photo card for him with a personalized message - one where you're not wearing an ugly sweater. I'm not talking about sexting a quick selfie photo here. I'm talking about a classy and sexy photograph present of yourself, less … [Read more...] ~ On Being Spontaneous!‏

On Being Spontaneous! Never valued certainty so much that you don't allow yourself to be open and available for the adventure that spontaneity provides! Never underestimate the value of spontaneity in a relationship. Too often relationships lose their excitement because the partners fall into a routine that becomes boring as time goes by. Regimented routines are okay for the short term but become boring after awhile. If you spend to much of your time planning the details of your … [Read more...]

De-Clutter Your Life! – Let Go of Toxic Friends! presents ... De-Clutter Your Life! – Let Go of Toxic Friends! Do you really know who your friends are?   If you are stuck. . . and your life doesn’t seem to be moving forward, perhaps it’s time to cut loose those friends who stiffle your personal performance and limit your accessibility to a happy and healthy future! Get unstuck! It’s time to let go of these so called “frenemies!” They are NOT your friends! Whoa! Was that fear that raised its … [Read more...]

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