Healthy Addiction‏, Leela Francis says ‘ Let’s Get Personal …’

Vividly Woman is a global community of women and women’s circles devoted to the sensual, emotional and intutitive empowerment of all women. Our Embodied Leader training guides women to become self referring, energy mature and creatively on fire for healthy, fulflling and successful living, personally & professionally. Let's get personal ... I want to know more about you and the way you relate to.....Power! Is Power something you claim, something you externalize, something you shy away from, … [Read more...]

Leela Francis is celebrating 5 years of Vividly Woman!

Dear Friends, Vividly Woman Embodied Leader Tools & Training is celebrating the 5th season of our online community. That means that for the last 5 years, Vividly Woman Online Community members have been enjoying our interviews (10 each year) with wise women from all over the world, each a devoted expert in a field that matters to women. In celebration of the 5th season of our interview series, we're inviting non members to enjoy all the delicious wisdom of the past season! And the best … [Read more...]

Leela Francis – WOMAN of ACTION

A Celebration of Women is honored to Celebrate the Life of this powerhouse into our Alumni of WOMEN of ACTION. This woman has been directed to live, love and laugh the way through life while helping the Women of our World in Dafur. ON a daily basis, this woman is "is intensely devoted to aiding women and the men in their lives, to personally flourish." WOMAN of ACTION Leela Francis How does someone blend a dynamically soulful mix of dance movement activism, … [Read more...]

Leela Francis, ‘We Don’t Say Goodbye‏’

  Dear Sister, I've spent much of the last 2.5 years courting my mother through the end of her life. Besides making peace with letting her go, I've been dancing with the reality of cancer touching one so close to me, accepting that there are indeed some things I cannot control, let alone understand, and trusting that even in this there are gifts. In the end, after phone calls and visits, bedside vigils, and years of coming and going since I moved away from Montreal when I … [Read more...]

Leela Francis is Taking Action with Spring Live Events !

Recently I received an email from a woman who said she can't wait to come to live Vividly Woman trainings, but first she has to complete her business training, and then she'll celebrate with the Vividly Woman training. Here is my reply to her: Dear Sister, it's so wonderful to hear from you. I'm excited and inspired by your devotion to your professional growth! Have you considered how spending some time in sacred circle with your sisters, getting more sensually connected to your body, and … [Read more...]

Leela Francis – Intuitive, Healthy and Stress Free Eating‏

Join Embodiment Expert Leela Francis & Nutrition Expert Daphne Cohn For Intuitive, Healthy & Stress-Free Eating (Especially over the holidays) Learn: • How to eat stress-free at any meal, any where • Why pleasure is VITAL to your health • Tthe secret to feeding your body what she wants, every time • Why it's so hard to stop eating (and what you can do about it) Thursday December 15th 5pm PST/8pm EST REGISTER NOW Tell your friends about this free Interview Daphne Cohn … [Read more...]

Leela Francis ~ Teleseminar on November 17th, 6PM PST/ 9PM EST

An Evening to Rediscover Self Love Join Leela Francis and noted author, radio host Roslyn Franken November 17th, 6PM PST/ 9PM EST for an empowering and inspirational one hour teleseminar.The topic and focus of this first-time-ever interview and listener Q&A is dedicated to open discussion on women's issues as they relate to self love, healing the self and healing our global community through dance, experiential movement and somatic experiences. Leela will share with Roslyn, her listeners … [Read more...]

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