Leela Francis is Taking Action with Spring Live Events !

Recently I received an email from a woman who said she can’t wait to come to live Vividly Woman trainings, but first she has to complete her business training, and then she’ll celebrate with the Vividly Woman training. Here is my reply to her:

Dear Sister, it’s so wonderful to hear from you. I’m excited and inspired by your devotion to your professional growth!

Have you considered how spending some time in sacred circle with your sisters, getting more sensually connected to your body, and learning to resource your emotional and intuitive wisdom will impact your business goals and visions? I invite you to add that to the mix of what you are weaving presently, instead of separating your business success from your feminine Goddess power. I’m devoted to women living into their juiciest most radiant version of themselves and I’ve seen, with the thousands of women I’ve served, how profoundly that contributes to our professional lives. It’s what the Vividly Woman program is founded on.

As you can see, I’m in favor of you attending (Vividly Woman) this year! Compartmentalizing and fragmenting our heads from or hearts and bodies is what causes suffering personally and globally. I hope you’ll share my enthusiasm for women’s wholeness as necessary for our true success.

I share this with you now, because, I am devoted to YOU dancing Your Power NOW! Not one day when you have more money, have a the perfect body, or the right relationship. That day, dear Sister, will likely never come unless YOU devote YOURSELF to YOU, Body, self and soul.

Join the circle!

Love and sisterhood,

Leela Francis [email protected]

Spring Live Events

Sacred Sensual Splendor

Troncones, Mexico

March 24-31

Known as the Vividly Woman honeymoon, at Sacred Sensual Splendor you’ll dive into a rich experience of falling madly in love with you. Enjoy 7 days of dance, nature ritual and circle connection in a beautiful and healing private 5 star oceanfront paradise on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

Re-discover the beauty of your womanhood, the essence of your Goddess-ness and the freedom and joy of your eternal child in a sacred circle of Vividly Woman sisters.

Nurture, lavish and indulgently pamper yourself through you 3 centers of feminine power & wisdom.


Dance Your Power Wkend Wk/shop Retreat

Beaumont, CA April 12-15

TO, ON June 1-4

In this Vividly Woman weekend circle you’ll intimately dance with your 3 centers of feminine power & wisdom; the sensual, the emotional, and the intuitive centers. You’ll re-connect with the very essence of your feminine aliveness through movement & dance, creative ritual, nature’s wisdom and a circling community of sisters. Come home to the Vividly Woman YOU and infuse her into every area of your life!

See the Full 2012 Schedule here

Leela’s upcoming Speaking Engagements:

Wealth for Women Tele-Summit

New Super Woman Tele-Summit


Vividly Woman Embodied Leader Training

Vividly Woman Embodied Leader Training is a personal and professional training to expand and enhance your power, purpose and passion as the vibrant leader that you are meant to be. Our focus is on developing your leadership by empowering you in the areas of sensual, emotional and intuitive/expressive wisdom; the 3 vital inner fountains of your embodied feminine power & wisdom.

The full training consists of:

Dance Your Power Wkend W/Shop Retreat Embody Self Love Intensive Sacred Sensual SplendorVWoman Leaders Circle 1

VividExistence and VividlyWoman • PO Box 431 • Nine Mile Falls, WA 99026

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