The Mayan prophecies are being fulfilled. Some are being fulfilled even now. Some will be fulfilled on the morrow. The Mayan prophecies exist because the Mayas knew the cosmic time. They knew that in certain times it would be necessary to keep this cosmic wisdom secret. This was the purpose of the prophecy so that they might be able to communicate their secrets to the initiates of the future. It is prophesied that initiates shall return to the sacred land of the Mayas to continue the work of … [Read more...]

INSPIRATIONAL WINDOW – Did you know our Founder’s Guide is an Eagle?

        Celebrate Freedom & Justice!   For many years people viewed the rocky outcrop and wondered at it’s powerful similarity to an eagle. Little did they know that one day the mighty eagle would break free from it’s rocky bonds, aided by a mighty spirit of nature. With convulvulus hair and a dress of daisies the spirit leads the mighty bird on a quest for freedom.   Today, that eagle is named ...Aung San Suu Kyi.         Google~Eagle … [Read more...]

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