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The Mayan prophecies are being fulfilled. Some are being fulfilled even now. Some will be fulfilled on the morrow. The Mayan prophecies exist because the Mayas knew the cosmic time. They knew that in certain times it would be necessary to keep this cosmic wisdom secret. This was the purpose of the prophecy so that they might be able to communicate their secrets to the initiates of the future.

NewFoundedFriendIt is prophesied that initiates shall return to the sacred land of the Mayas to continue the work of the Great Spirit. Here in the lands of the Mayab, in the cycle of light, there surged a great wisdom, which would illuminate humanity for many millennia. This wisdom was given to the Mayan-Itzaes.

Now the reincarnated masters return to these lands of the Mayan to communicate with the great spirits of the Itzaes so that together they may understand what shall be the new initiation which will be put to practice; so that humanity, the reincarnated masters and the great spirits of the Itzaes may fuse into one. Then they will be able to travel like the wind, descend like the rain, give warmth like fire and teach like Mother Earth.

These masters will come from many places. They will be of many colors. Some will speak of things difficult to understand. Others will be aged. Some less so. Some will dance while others will remain silent as rocks. Their eyes will communicate the initiatic message, which is to continue through the cycles of the next millennium.

It is also prophesied that this initiation of cosmic wisdom is for future initiates. They will be young and old, men and women who will have the understanding that this modern civilization is not meeting its ‘educational responsibilities‘. It is well known that this so-called modern civilization has caused a regressive effect in spiritual development.

The Mayan ceremonial centers begin to emanate the light of the new millennium, which is much needed today. Many Mayan cosmic ceremonial centers begin to beckon, with their solar reflection, the many initiates who will come to continue the work of the Great Spirit. In many Mayan ceremonial centers Solar Priests will begin to walk among the multitude of tourists. They will be touched by the Solar Priests to be initiation with the cosmic wisdom. It will be then that the initiates of the second level shall begin to work among the new initiates.

lumeria reptiles23_04

The Mayan masters will begin to manifest in the trees, in the sun, in the moon and in the stars. They will appear also in homes to inform families that the new time to begin the initiatic cosmic work has commenced. Many will not understand because this will happen when people are asleep, or when they are sleepy or when people will have lost the notion of time, if only for a few seconds. Everything shall be moved to the new time, including human genetics which will be moved by the sacred energy of Father Sun and the 7 cosmic brothers who will help elevate human consciousness.

When the sacred energy of the masters and students is begun at the ceremonial centers of the sacred Mayans of Ek Balam, Oxkintok, Mayapan and Chichen Itza, then shall the gods who are in the stars look upon us and bless the sons and daughters who have returned once again to continue the \par cosmic spiritual work of the new millennium. These gods of the stars will announce to the four cardinal points, the good news of the new beginnings of the human race.

These gods of the stars will call the lords of the day, and of the night, and of the inner world and also of the exterior world and they will say to them to look again upon humanity and to assist them to awaken into the solar light. The gods will also look into the bodies of the humans and they will \line ask the heart to beat newly in rhythm to the universe; to the stomach they will ask to accept only natural foods. In this way will they speak to many parts of the inner body. To the head it will ask that it should not let itself be deceived by the false modern society.

Then when the masters and the students are in one accord the manifestations of the spirits will come. The eagle will teach us what it knows about our ancestors. The serpent and the jaguar will do the same. Then the sacred tree will illumine us with its wisdom. They will all then begin to see us in the same manor as the ancient Mayas. This will be the moment to begin the grand ritual of the cosmic conjugation within every living being.

In the beginning of this millennium we will begin our rituals and ceremonies in some of 4,000 Mayan ceremonial centers which we have in Mexico in these sacred lands of the Mayab. Today there are a few million initiates doing this work. But tomorrow, the Mayan prophecies indicate that humanity will return to the ancient ceremonial centers to fulfill their obligation, which was interrupted by colonialism.

There exist four Mayan ceremonial centers of importance which energy must be activated so that their energy of light may serve to illuminate the steps humanity must take in this new millennium. Each sacred center will give its message as will be explained:

OXK INTOK: will be the sacred Mayan center where the solar light will illuminate the law of the trinity. Here humanity will understand who is its father. He will know who is his mother and he will understand where he will go when he leaves his physical body. Here humanity will know the importance of who his own physical parentage and also his spiritual parentage. Here in Oxkintok man will understand this cosmic law.

Here they will also understand why they are a solar son and daughter. They will understand that their spirit is a solar energy, which comes from the sun, and when life is transcended it returns to the Great Father Sun. He will understand that all existing being is a product of the solar energy and that without this energy, which sustains life he would not exist in the third dimension.

In Oxkintok rests the purity of the divided energy; divided in its three manifestations which govern all life principle.It will be understood that this solar energy light can be wrongly used. It can also destroy the body. The unlimited wrongful use of this energy can actually cause forest fires, which debilitate our Mother Earth.

Here also, at this ceremonial center of Oxkintok exists the Labyrinth Temple where many are initiated into the knowledge of the eight senses so that they might know how to orient themselves in darkness. The initiate should know that one day he will enter the fourth dimension with his physical body. He should be able to enter and leave in full conscience. It will be the awakened senses that will help him do this initiatic work.

We shall also learn at this sacred site about the statues, which are found in a place called ‘of the devil‘. One of these statues has two holes on top of the head. In ancient times this Mayan statue had two flints on the head, which resembled two horns. These flints served like antennas to capture\line energy. There are other symbols on this particular statue and it is good to stand before symbols that have not yet been deciphered by investigators.

Kukulcan800px-ChichenItzaEquinoxCHICHEN ITZA, great Mayan ceremonial center, was considered by the ancients as the cosmic University of America.

Hundreds of persons come here to study all manner of science. In it’s pyramids and temples reside knowledge of the human race. Here was deposited the great knowledge of the Mayan-Itzaes when they arrived in these Mayab lands.

The Kukulcan pyramid records the sacred Mayan calendars. At first glance the initiate will observe the calendars of the sun, the moon and the Pleiades. After learning these he may begin to understand the other 14 calendars in order to comprehend the 26,000-year Pleaidian cyclic calendar which in reality is the one which affects the great changes upon Mother Earth.

At the astronomic observatory of the sacred center of Chichen Itza we can understand how the ancients made their observations of the planets, stares and galaxies. Here you will observe all the solar movements. Through the tiny windows of this observatory the ancients calculated the movements of Venus, Mars, Jupiter and the other planets in our solar system. Through this \line knowledge they were able to predict the future of our Mother Earth.

In what is called the ‘church‘ at this sacred Mayan ceremonial center, we will observe how the ancient Mayas enacted the water initiation. You can see the mouth of the Grand Chak where the initiates entered to understand how this watery liquid is converted into blood, perspiration, and the liquid of the bone. This sacred teaching was given at this ancient temple by the SOVEREIGN SOLAR COMMAND OF THE CHICAN ITZAAB for the initiates of the future who would come to the sacred lands of the Mayab.

In EK BALAM, sacred Mayan center, we will understand why the ancient Balams did rituals to the cosmic stars. Through meditation we will enter the dimension of the Balams. We will learn more about the sacred work of these Mayan Priests. We will understand how they made their predictions by reading the stars. We will apply this knowledge to the new millennium that is about to begin. Understanding the cosmic knowledge in this way will show
us what destiny lies ahead for Mother Earth.

We will be witnesses to recent discoveries by anthropologists. We will be the first initiates of the new millennium to see these new findings. We will see recently discovered figurines made of stone which have no relation to the Mayan culture. However it is important that we the masters and initiates of the New Time be here to see and observe. Perhaps these hold knowledge needed to understand that missing link of humanity.

It is important to also visit the small temples where the Aluxes do their spiritual work. The Aluxes, to the Maya, are the spirits of things that exist. Generally they manifest as children. They are the essence of all manifested life. They are the purity that is responsible for the continuity of life. The ancient Maya knew how to live in harmony with these etheric beings. When the Mayan masters left the ceremonial centers, they left them in the care of the ALUXES.

In MAYAPAN, sacred ceremonial Mayan Center we will visit the observatory. Like in Chichen Itza and many thousand others that we have here in the land of the Mayan, we will learn about the knowledge of the cosmos and how through this observatory the movements of the constellation Castor and Canopus were cal culated. This is done through the doors of the observatory. Through meditation we will understand more about the mathematical calculations of the cosmos.

At the principal pyramid we will understand how the ancient Maya recorded their sacred calendar Tzolk’ in. They wisely recorded this wisdom on the staircase. This is the only pyramid to this day discovered, from which the knowledge of the sacred calendar may be acquired by the initiate in just 21 minutes. This calendar synchronizes the other 16 calendars t hat demonstrate the Mayan mathematical way of thought.

The greatest gift we the masters and initiates can receive is to be able to observe a stucco figure 2 X meters. This giant relief confirms the great understanding the Mayas had of the sacred lands of this American continent and of other continents on this earth.

On one side of the principal pyramid can be found this great figure that according to my understanding represents the union of the continents. To better understand this I will try to describe it. This future of a man stands with both arms outstretched holding in the right hand the Condor of the Andes and in the left hand the figure of the eagle. The man appears to be levitated. Beneath him there appear to be waves of the sea. His rib cage seems to protrude and where they meet at the front we can see three double circles. Where the rib cage meets at the central part there is a finger coming forth from the joint of the last row. It is important to observe that much importance was given to the umbilical area.

days-destiny-cosmic-prophecies-for-21st-century-robert-ghostwolf-paperback-cover-artIt is of utmost importance to observe that this statue is headless. Where the head would be there is only a hole. Remember beloved initiates that in order to understand the Mayan culture it is very important to understand everything about this figure in its entirety. It is also important to realize that one of the ways to understand the Mayan culture is to understand symbolism.

I will give a brief description as to how I understand this figure made in stucco.

( this is described in full detail and as well the other connecting prophecies in Robert Ghost Wolf’s Days of Destiny … Cosmic prophecies for the 21st Century)

Robert Ghost Wolf – Author, Artist and Shaman of the Metis People

The Condor represents the South American Continent.

The Eagle represents the North American Continent.

The man levitating over the sea represents the human man of North and South of this continent of America. It can also represent other humans from other continents.

The protruding rib cage is symbolic of the spirit outside of the body. It can also symbolize the spiritual union of all human beings from whatever latitude or longitude of the world.

The symbolic finger speaks of the root of our ancestors of millions of years ago.

Any esoteric knows that the umbilical area represents the union, firstly between a person and his other, whether terrestrial or physical and both represent the union of the cosmos. This can symbolize many other things.

The most important is to be able to enter into the dimension of Mayan thought so that we may understand why the Maya did not place a head on this figure. He who enter into high initiation and who belongs to the Mysteries Schools can understand what the Mayas represented in this mural made of relief. It is difficult for the ‘experts‘ to understand the high symbolism, which was shaped into this ancient figure of Mayapan.

For us, the traditional Mayas, this figure represents beings of the American continent and of other continents in both the physical and the spiritual aspect. It also represents a memory to the ancestors of their physical aspect. It speaks of its connection, as a seed from the Pleiades. It also represents other things that we will explain in another study. The most important is that this symbol can represent the union of the human being with his religious and physical aspect as well as the mental. We can now use this cosmic symbol as an identifier of the new millennium. With this we can now begin to work our cosmic spiritual in all parts of the earth.


In Lak’esh Hunbatz Men

Ancient Societies of the Seven Rays Solar Brotherhood:

  1. Nagas (Serpents in Sanscrit) of Indus (India).
  2. The earliest Mayans and their first Serpent kings, Caramaya and Naga Maya
  3. Later the Serpentine Kings Kukulcan and Quetzalcoatal creating the Itza Maya Culture of South America.
  4. The Lung Dragons of China, and an interesting fact is that an ancient Chinese term for dragon was Naga.
  5. Amarus and Con Ticci Viracocha of Peru.
  6. The Zohar is said to have passed from Adam to Noah and then to Abraham, who immigrated to Egypt. The Zohar or the Books of Splendor – were the Original texts of the Kabbalah. An earlier priest cult in Egypt was specifically formed to take care of the Royalty that went by the title of “Messah” or Crocodile Lords, who also lay claim to the Adam or Amen (Sun King) as being their Kamara. The early Egyptians who built the pyramids were called the Naga, which may be due to the influence of…
  7. The Olmec returning to North Africa from the lands of the Maya.
  8. The Azteca who absorbed the cultures and religions of Meso-America had the goddess Coatlcue she wore a skirt of snakes, she is often depicted as having two dragon heads.
  9. In the mythology of Sumeria the goddess Tiamat in her fury would destroy all who challenged her. All that is, but the Babylonian sun god, Marduk. In a celestial battle which took place in the heavens, Marduk slew Tiamat. Then, from Tiamuat’s dismembered body, he fashioned the heavens and the earth. From her dragon’s blood Marduk created man.
  10. Nidhogg is said to be the Dragon Father of an underground world known by the Norse as Niflheim.

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