Monogamy, is the “pact of fidelity not natural but cultural” ?

Monogamy is exceedingly uncommon in the natural world -- and, as it turns out, the human world. Monogamy /Gr. ?????+????? (monos+gamos) - one+marriage a form of marriage in which an individual has only one spouse at any one time. In current usage, monogamy often refers to having one sexual partner irrespective of marriage or reproduction. The term is also applied to the social behavior of some animals, referring to the state of having only one mate at any one time. Throughout the … [Read more...]

The EAGLE – Amazing Stuff !!!

THE EAGLE and her LIFE DECISIONS God Bless all who share this. … [Read more...]

INSPIRATIONAL WINDOW – Did you know our Founder’s Guide is an Eagle?

        Celebrate Freedom & Justice!   For many years people viewed the rocky outcrop and wondered at it’s powerful similarity to an eagle. Little did they know that one day the mighty eagle would break free from it’s rocky bonds, aided by a mighty spirit of nature. With convulvulus hair and a dress of daisies the spirit leads the mighty bird on a quest for freedom.   Today, that eagle is named ...Aung San Suu Kyi.         Google~Eagle … [Read more...]

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