‘Are You Ready?’ , Shirlee Hall

  ARE YOU READY? Are you ready to dethrone the anthropomorphic god of the Bible who threatens, instills fear, judgment and the opposite of boundless universal loving-kindness? Are you ready to really think and look seriously at a rational, tolerant way of living that you can actually test and verify through personal experience? Can you become an independent thinker? What many are ready for is a moral and philosophical system which appeals to the masses and the intelligentsia. … [Read more...]

WOMEN in RECOVERY – Divine Celebration of Romance

Your PRAYER for a Soul Mate Relationship is Answered... You have an assignment and you are full of gifts, talents, encouragement and love. Your desire for a partner has been answered, the great Love or Friendship that you have prayed your Higher Power is taking steps to manifest this desire. whether this be a business relationship, friendship or intimate kind, have Faith that healthy Relationships are within Your Grasp. The time is NOW to Heal and take the next Step. You have more … [Read more...]

I Love The Whole World With One Heart (A Medley of Love)

I Love The Whole World With One Heart (A Medley of Love)   ~ Dragonflywhisperer     Video Copy: This video was created by http://www.gossamerheart.com/ For this month and Valentine's Day as medley of love. I wanted to go beyond celebrating romantic love and encompass my love for humanity, as well as for the world we live in. May your days be filled with love for one another and the whole world. This video was made for non-profit use, only. This video was … [Read more...]

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