WOMEN in RECOVERY – Divine Celebration of Romance


for a Soul Mate Relationship is Answered…

You have an assignment and you are full of gifts, talents, encouragement and love. Your desire for a partner has been answered, the great Love or Friendship that you have prayed your Higher Power is taking steps to manifest this desire. whether this be a business relationship, friendship or intimate kind, have Faith that healthy Relationships are within Your Grasp.

The time is NOW to Heal and take the next Step.

You have more in you than you realize, and you can accomplish more than you ever thought possible; dare to be bold and believe that you are deserving of great love.

You have rich treasure inside you that people need … share it!

Thanks to : This is a redone version of the video of the same title. It is meant to allow for some new effects and to create a way to better view the font on the pictures.
Thank you for you patience as I learn my way through on how to make videos…and in my way of honoring Love; in this case, the love between two consenting adults who are choosing freely to come together as one, sharing soul love in a Divine Celebration of Romance.

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