BEING in the Flow , Amanda Goldston ~ What wants to EMERGE?

What is your Natural State of BEING? Natural State of BEING is Love, Joy, Peace and Abundance.   Anything else comes from learned experiences. As a child you were given the beliefs and judgments of those around you, such as family, church group, school and society in general. As they grow up, many people take on those beliefs and judgements and run with that same programming. However this is not who you are at your Core! Over time, there have been many programmes to help people … [Read more...]

The Peace Troubadour: PEACE WALK to Assisi‏

Newsletter March 26, 2011 Join James Twyman for the opportunity of a lifetime! Assisi Peace Walk and the World Prayer for Peace Day Imagine walking through the countryside of Umbria in Italy, actually following in the footsteps of Saint Francis, arriving in Assisi ten days later for one of the most important peace gatherings in history! This is the trip that James will be leading in October, culminating in major participation in the World Prayer for Peace Day on October 27th when the … [Read more...]

EGYPT: Vigil of Prayer – February 9, 2011

  Prayer Vigil for Egypt Join James Twyman in Praying for A Peaceful Solution in Egypt February 9th, noon EST US Most of you know that the political situation in Egypt has ended in the loss of many lives, as well as the complete breakdown of the Egyptian society. WHAT CAN WE DO TO HELP? If you believe that focused, intentional prayer has the power to heal and mend political and social unrest, then please join in this worldwide vigil. If you believe that we have the ability to … [Read more...]

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