EGYPT: Vigil of Prayer – February 9, 2011

Prayer Vigil for Egypt
Join James Twyman in Praying for A Peaceful Solution in Egypt
February 9th, noon EST US

Most of you know that the political situation in Egypt has ended in the loss of many lives, as well as the complete breakdown of the Egyptian society.


  • If you believe that focused, intentional prayer has the power to heal and mend political and social unrest, then please join in this worldwide vigil.
  • If you believe that we have the ability to influence world events through the power of collective consciousness, then please join in this worldwide vigil.
  • If you KNOW that you are a Spiritual Being, and that the real solution to this and every conflict is not political, but spiritual, then please join in this worldwide vigil.

PLEASE pass this email to everyone you know. Together we can help Egypt turn toward peace and heal the wounds that have caused the current violence.

James Twyman, The Peace Troubadour, will be performing The Peace Concert in Assisi, Italy on Wednesday, February 9th at noon Eastern US (6PM in italy). Twenty-five years ago an historical event took place in Assisi that changed the world. The leaders of the 12 major religions joined the Pope by praying the peace prayers from each faith, initiating a new level of cooperation and inter-religious dialogue. For this reason James will call together everyone in this “city of peace” to pray for the people of Egypt, and we hope that there will be millions of people around the world who will join in. In particular, we ask that you stop during this time and pray the Muslim Prayer of Peace, and ask that the energy be used to heal the wounds that are currently so prevalent in Egypt.

The Muslim Prayer of Peace

In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful.
Praise be to the Lord of the Universe,
who has created us and made us into tribes and nations
that we may know each other,
not despise each other.

After praying the Muslim Prayer, we simply ask that you spend at least five minutes “feeling” the peaceful energy that this prayer inspires, and asking that it move effortlessly to every man, woman and child in Egypt. This is the most important part of the vigil — to feel the energy of success, or the deep conviction that our prayers have been heard and accepted. If millions of people follow through on this request, then we believe peace will certainly prevail.

We need your help. Please join us, and PASS THIS MESSAGE TO EVERYONE ON YOUR LIST! It’s time for us to do more than speak the words, but to move into “Spiritual Action.”

Once again, at noon New York time on Wednesday, February 9th, pray the Muslim Peace Prayer and visualize James in Assisi performing the Peace Concert. In this way the prayers will join together as ONE and will then be used as a powerful spiritual force of healing and light.

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