PEACE in Egypt – You were part of it!

Newsletter February 12, 2011 THE POWER OF PRAYER! Less that two days after hundreds of thousands of people responded to our call for a worldwide prayer vigil to end the violence in Egypt, President Mukarak stepped down and now celebrations fill the streets. It is but another example of the power of positive mass-prayer to shift world events. DO YOU WANT MORE? Most of you know that I have dedicated much of my life to this movement, and have initiated many worldwide prayer vigils that … [Read more...]

EGYPT: Vigil of Prayer – February 9, 2011

  Prayer Vigil for Egypt Join James Twyman in Praying for A Peaceful Solution in Egypt February 9th, noon EST US Most of you know that the political situation in Egypt has ended in the loss of many lives, as well as the complete breakdown of the Egyptian society. WHAT CAN WE DO TO HELP? If you believe that focused, intentional prayer has the power to heal and mend political and social unrest, then please join in this worldwide vigil. If you believe that we have the ability to … [Read more...]

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