Cancer to your Kids, 5 Books explaining in a way that children can comprehend

Tackling tough subjects like cancer with a child is one of the hardest parts of being a parent. How do you explain something that you’re having difficulty coming to grips with yourself? When it comes time to talk about cancer with your children, especially if the disease strikes your own home and family, you need all of the support and resources you can muster. That’s where this next list of books comes in. Below you’ll find an immensely helpful selection of books that address this … [Read more...]

Breast Cancer Diagnosis, 30 blogs offer real-life advice

Facing a breast cancer diagnosis can very easily be one of the most terrifying and stressful situations of your lifetime. It’s easy to feel isolated and alone in your struggle, especially if no one you know has endured a similar battle. Thankfully, the global village created by the 'blogosphere' has an entire community that acts as a breast cancer support system through the blog entries of actual breast cancer survivors. From the earliest days of your diagnosis to the victory of … [Read more...]

BREAST CANCER – Signs and Symptoms

Signs and symptoms of breast cancer Remember, lumps in the breast are very common, especially just before your period. Most lumps are not breast cancer. Most often breast cancer is first noticed as a painless lump in the breast or armpit. You or your partner may discover the lump, or your doctor may find it during a routine physical exam or screening mammogram. Other signs might include: lump or swelling in the armpit changes in breast size or shape dimpling or puckering of the … [Read more...]

Karen Pegler – WOMAN of ACTION™

A Celebration of Women™ is elated to Celebrate the Life of this Canadian unsung heroin, a woman that has risen above her own challenges, coming our on top of it all. Abuse survivor, having to re-build her life with two children by her side, she went back to school - achieved! We are elated to have her now here today, to help the Women of our World !!!     WOMAN of ACTION™     Karen Pegler     Born in Millbrook, Ont 1960. Raised on a dairy … [Read more...]

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