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is elated to Celebrate the Life of this Canadian unsung heroin, a woman that has risen above her own challenges, coming our on top of it all. Abuse survivor, having to re-build her life with two children by her side, she went back to school – achieved!

We are elated to have her now here today, to help the Women of our World !!!






Karen Pegler


Born in Millbrook, Ont 1960. Raised on a dairy farm; worked in the fields, operated machinery, fed the calves and forked manure; you know all that lovely farm stuff except milking the cows.

My sister and her husband operates the farm now.

I floundered a bit growing up; I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do . . . I ended up leaving college without having anything really to show for it.
I am divorced; left an abusive marriage; he was physically and verbally abusive in the beginning and then just verbally.

I stayed in that relationship for just over 7 years until I saw him start to involve my (our) children.

Raised my 2 children on my own; moved back to Millbrook to be close to my family and had their support; and they were very supportive.

My husband hasn’t really had anything to do with either of my children, I should say our children, he is their father, but they are mine, I raised them. . .

My children are grown and both married and providing me with grandchildren.

My daughter is a strong and independent woman who has a loving husband.

My son is also independent and has a wonderful wife.

I went back to college in a year after my separation in 1994 for 3 years to get my Employment Counselling Diploma and I’ve worked in that field ever since.

I continue to live on my own and because of where I have been and what I have been through, if I can help others . . . I will!

When I was going through my stuff and getting counselling; I always thought about helping other women in the same situation. Helping them to get out of bad situations, giving them a safe place to go, to live.

I remember driving by a large home in the country and thought it would be nice to be able to afford to buy it as a place for women and their children to come and stay for a while. Unfortunately, I have not been able to do that . . . at least not yet . . . who knows what the future holds.

Let’s build a Celebration House™ right here in Ontario!

As for breast cancer or cancer in general; I lost my mother to lung cancer, in the same year and a couple of months later my sister-in-law lost her mother to lung cancer. We watched our mothers die a little bit every day.

They chose to stay home and we provided care and supported dad. And now my sister-in-law is battling lung cancer; she at least has been told that it is treatable and I pray to God she receives the healing her body needs.

I participated on a couple community member teams for the Peterborough Dragon Boat Festival and then I organized a team for our company for 3 consecutive years.

It was a good way to show our support for Breast Cancer.

I remember my mother saying “we do this for you because we can and when you are able you will do the same for your children when they need help.”

Through life events; becoming a single mother of 2 and receiving social assistance to support my family I learned to receive from others, particularly my parents. I specifically remember the day my parents came to visit with bags full of groceries because they knew I couldn’t afford them.

Helping people is my profession; it’s what I do!

I work as an Employment Counselor helping individuals achieve either their educational or employment goals.
“There is nothing more satisfying then when a client calls you excitedly to say they are employed!”


I am also a distributor of the Breast Chek™ Kits, a tool for early detection of breast cancer in ‘women and men’.

Cancer has touched us all whether through a family member or friend; it’s a horrible disease and if discovered early enough we can save lives.

I am where I am today because of my faith and belief in God!

HE has directed of my life, taking me places I would never have thought I would go.

“Helping others is just what I do. I have referred to as a “rock” by several people . . . I don’t necessarily see myself as a “rock” but I guess others do. I guess because is someone needs help with something and I can help, I’m there!”

Helping A Celebration of Women™ Foundation fund raise is going to be an awesome adventure!


A Celebration of Women™

welcomes this ‘rock’ into our Alumni with open arms.



Brava Karen!


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